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Grandfather in the Ark?

My sister's eldest boy liked nothing better than to sit on his grandfather's knee and have stories read to him.
One day after a story about Noah's ark, and how Noah led pairs of animals to the safety of

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The Funny Tale of O'Malley and the Scuba DiverDiver Irish Jokes

Even though O'Malley was a licensed scuba diver, he finally got an answer to a question that had annoyed him for decades. Here it is. Harold, an American tourist, as

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What’s This Charge On My Credit Card?

What's This Charge On My Card

What’s This Charge On My Card



She Asked What’s This Charge On My Card


What’s This Charge On My Credit Card?


I was roused out of sleep this morning by a phone call at 7:45 am. On the other end of the phone was a woman asking “What’s this charge on my

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