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Are you an employee with a job or a business owner? Being an employee means that you are working for someone else, and that means long hours of work and minimum wages. In a job no one becomes rich because all the big bucks is going to the owner of the business or if it is a government agency then it goes to the US government.

From experience you should know that you have bills and living expenses to pay so guess what you can't stop working, you cannot afford to take any vacations and if your boss does give you a vacation it is only 1 week and you are lucky if you get two weeks but that is rarely the case.

A business owner becomes rich because they know the two forms of income they need in order to have financial freedom.
Residual Income

Residual Income allows you to make money for ever because you do something only once and that continues to make money for example Julia Child wrote a book that took her years to finish called " Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and at first it was turned down by lots of publishing companies because it is very lengthy but once it was published it just makes money forever, I mean Julia Child is dead but her cookbooks continue making money because they are selling. So if you create an amazing product and you are able to sell it you continue to make money.

Leverage Income

You make money when you have a group of people working for you. That is if you have a business and you hire a group of employees to work for you then of course you make money because in 24 hours everyday there is only so much work you can do but if you have a group of 10 people who do a very excellent job you will make even more money.

On SFI you are provided the opportunity to have Residual income because if you have the ability to create an amazing product you can sell it on Tripleclicks and make money for many years to come and even after you retire from your 9 to 5 job you will continue to make money on the products you are selling.

You can develop leverage income is when you sponsor 5 or more active affiliates and then your affiliate also sponsor affiliates and so on up to 12 generations. You will make incredible income because your affiliates in your team are working for you even when you are on vacation. That my friend is the mentality of a business owner!


So what's your mindset...employee or business owner?

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  • Great post and yes the business owners are the winners here, that is why so many people are turning to online marketing now to start their own business.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Stephen,

    Great post an indeed the ones that do residual or own a business with employees are the ones on the sunny beaches.

  • Mindset is everything!

  • Top Member

    Stephen I love the title of this post. Your mindset is very important. If you have a employee mindset, then a person must transition to an entrepreneur mindset to own and run a business. This is where personal development is needed. Excellent post as always. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus.

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