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Why is Education Important-The Short Answer

Why is Education Important




One of the most asked questions on the internet is "Why Is Education Important?" There are those that will see that question and think, "What kind of an idiot would even ask that question?" Personally, I get it! I hated school with a passion, I've been a free-spirit all my life not wanting to be tied to a chair and sit for 8 hours a day. I myself asked that question from 1st grade up until Graduation Day! Then many years later, I realized I felt incomplete and started college. Do not wait!


Graduation Day is coming up soon for many that might be asking this same question. Then again, maybe you are one of those later in life bloomers that wonder about continued adult education well here are the short answers for you.


  • Self Confidence

  • Grasping New Ways of Learning

  • Career or Job placement

  • Opening Up and Broadening Your Understanding of The World


Education, when we are young, is only the start of our capabilities and understanding of the world. Without education, we can not advance in our growth. Picture if you will, living in one house all your life never leaving it, plus you never had exposure to the outside world in person or any media outlets. This is what it would be like if you had no education, it is also the short answer to why you need education. 


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    There is a very important message in this post.
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    I agree Susan that education is important. However I feel that learning is not just limited to a building. Everyone is not cut out for college, I also don't feel like education is intelligence. I believe everyone learns in different ways and environments.
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    Education rules the nation. Get it every chance you get. I learn something new everyday.
  • Top Member
    Susan I'm a free spirit as well. However I had to make a change in the past to get focused and this allowed me to accomplish all my goals. This is a great post about education and glad to see you're back on the SE site.
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