Why Is It Necessary To Set Goals?

Why Is It Necessary To Set Goals?

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This is one last post for the time being on Setting Goals – if you missed the last post you can catch up with it by clicking ====>>>> HERE

Setting goals can keep you on track, motivate you to work and help you measure your progress.

One of my favourite quotes:

The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.

— Bill Copeland

1. Goals Propel You Forward and Give You Laser Focus plus they give you a single focal point to place your attention in.

2. Goals Can Transform Those Mountains Into Small Hills.  I am sure you have felt that you will never be able to reach the top of that mountain.  Will goals you can achieve this.

3. Goals Help Us Believe In Ourselves.  You have to have belief in yourself and tell yourself that you are going to achieve those goals and dreams.

4. Goals Hold You Accountable For Failure.  Goals give you a benchmark and a scoring board to track your activity.

5. Goals Tell You What You Truly Want.  Goals are an outer reflection of your inner desires and motivations. So when you start to achieve your goals it gets you more motivated to achieve what you really want.

6. Goals Help Us Live Life To The Fullest and Gives Clarity On Your End Vision. Goals will be clear in your mind of what you have to do to be successful.

Now 3 reasons Why you should track your goals

1. Gives you a scoreboard so you know where you are at and where you are going.

2. Acts as a reminder of where you still have to go for that day and what you have to get done.

3. shows success – that is what drives your motivation and drives you on to achieve your goals.

With The Simple Money System we are given a goal chart which we fill in every day and then mark off what we have done and if you use a goal chart then 50% or more people are likely to succeed. This will motivate you to stay on track …..  I did the 40 day challenge with SMS and it really does keep you on track and motivated …..  It is FREE to join so why not give it a try.

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