Why People Are Attracted to Affiliate Marketing

Why Are People Attracted to Affiliate Marketing from Home

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Don’t you just dream of quitting your 9-5 job and be able to tell your boss to just shove it but a lot of people are just too scared to take the plunge and do what they just desire to do. It is that fear of leaving behind that secure income or perhaps they don’t have the funds to start up their own business and work from home.

A home based business can take a lot of money if you are working just by yourself, however if you start up an affiliate marketing business that is a different kettle of fish.  Setting up an affiliate marketing business is relatively easy and there are many factors that make it an attractive proposition.

One of the most desirable factors is being able to work from your own home where you feel most comfortable.

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You have everything to hand and if you have young children this would suit you down to the ground.  It allows you to work and home and still have your children around you.  You can work the hours you want, when you want and schedule your jobs around your other commitments.

You have no worries about travelling and getting stuck in traffic. You can even work in your PJ’s if you want. So you see there are many advantages of working from home.

If you are running a sole business then some people have to rely on banks and building societies to finance what they want to do, which puts them at a further risk.  But a home based affiliate marketing business will save you about 90% of that risk.  Why?  Because you will be either selling goods or services on behalf of another company.  You then get paid by how much or how little work you put in.  No more having to worry about sales targets and making that certain amount every month.  The company you work with have the worry of that so that you only have to concentrate on selling the goods and services that you want, which then increases your earnings.

Building a business on your own is going to take a lot of time and effort.  Depending on what niche you are in you could have a lot of competition by companies that are already well established whose customers know, like and trust them.  You will also find that building your own business could take anything from 5-10 years before you see a significant profit.

When looking for products as an affiliate you need to research and find out if it is a well known product that can help others.  Check out the company’s stability – another good idea is to buy a product first so that you can testify that it is well worth buying.  This way you have no reason to stress over anything.

Starting an affiliate business is much easier to manage.  You might have to work hard at first to brand yourself but most of the hard work will already have been done for you.  All you have to do then is promote your line of products and services by finding ways to advertise them.  There are many FREE ways of doing that if your funds are low.  The six main sites to promote for free are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

If you do want to start your own business it can be very rewarding if you are one of the lucky ones that make it.  The financial gains can be tremendous.  However, the odds are stacked against you when taking this option as 97% of people fail doing this.  But then again with the right training and support it is possible to be one of that 3% that do make it.

So to sum up, if you are just starting out then affiliate marketing is the way to start.  You have little risk and you get plenty of support.  Yes you will still need to work hard to get going but once you are established you will see the $$$$$$ rolling in !!

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  • Thank you Sandra and yes it is obvious they are not doing any research.
  • Super post, Merle.  I am amazed at how many people still think of affiliate marketing as a scam.

  • Thank you very much Terri and Susan, appreciate your support.

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    Wonderful post Merle and so right! You pointed to some really good advice there and really I can't begin to think why people are afraid to do marketing at home when they are not afraid to go out and work a job that might or might not even be there next week. Good one keep them coming.

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    Excellent advice you have shared in your post Merle. Very beneficial for the newbie that's getting started in a home business. Shared via Syndication Automation and the Syndication Express business page on Google. Additionally I will repost on the Syndication Express blog too. Have a great week ahead.

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