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Why Some Doctors Are Like The Bible

You know everytime you read the bible several times you get a different messages each

time. In Some cases some Doctors are the same way. For an example everytime I saw

my doctor about my back surg he would tell me different ways he wanted to do my surg. Everytime I saw him he changed what he can do for me and what he can not do.

After my surg I was so out of it because of the medications I was telling a friend over

the phone how my doctor is like the bible and then I noticed my doctor was near me

and was listening. I wasn't being mean about it. I trust that he will do what

is best for me. So if he saw a better way to work on my back each time then that is

great. I go see him again in a few weeks. I need to explain why I said this about him. 

Here is a joke for ya:

An Irishman drinks at the pub until they close.

He stands up to leave and falls flat on his face. He tries to stand one more time and falls again. He figures he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air and maybe that will sober him up.

Outside, he tries to stand up and falls flat again. He gives up and crawls the four blocks to his house, crawls up the stairs and pulls himself into bed.

The next morning, his wife stands over him shouting, "So, you've been out boozing again!"

"What makes you say that?" he asks, putting on an innocent face.

"The pub called -- you left your wheelchair there again."

Here  are some  plexus testimonies to share with you:

Molly's testimony-My husband began having sharp, burning pain in his back that was wrapping around to his stomach. We thought  he had pulled a muscle then red spots started showing ip and spreading in the back area where the pain was. It looked like
 poison ivy. I knew it couldn't be since we live in WV and he hadn't been outside, especially not with his shirt off, in several inches of snow and ice. It finally hit me that he had SHINGLES! I immediately began using the body cream on it. AND the red spots never came up on his stomach because we put the cream everywhere he was having the pain and burning sensation.
 It could have been much worse! Thank you Plexus Body Cream!!

Hannah's testimony-Got my own Fast Relief testimony! 
I have TMJ and just last couple days my left side of my jaw has been killing me. I can hardly chew! I put some Fast Relief  cream on my jaw and with in minutes the pain was gone! Plexus has the best products!

Thank you for reading and God Bless

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Comment by Angela Valadez on January 30, 2014 at 3:46pm

Great article DeAnn, like the one about the wheelchair.  Great testimonies.  Liked and Shared.

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