Words Do Matter: Conscious vs Unconscious

Words Matter because they come from either your Conscious or Unconscious Mind.

By changing your thoughts and the words you speak, you can change your life from good to bad or from bad to good and cause it to become anything you want.  It’s up to you alone, and no one else.  Don’t get hung by your tongue.

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Words Matter: Conscious vs Unconscious

It’s impossible to believe for success and think failure at the same time.  Your conscious mind is similar to a radio.  Once you unplug the cord, the contact between your Conscious mind and your Unconscious mind is disconnected.  Therefore, no ideas, information or answers to your problems are allowed through.

Your conscious mind will give you words of encouragement, engagement and inspiration to speak.  Words such as:  Money comes to me daily.  Everything is going great.  I have a prosperous business and a huge downline.  Everyone likes me.

While your unconscious mind still lives in fear, doubt and unbelief, speaking words like:  I feel sick and tired.  I can’t do this.  I’m tired of being broke.

You can’t serve two masters.  You have to choose which one you will follow.

It’s been said that both winning and losing are two sides of a coin. We want to win in all of  our endeavors, but unfortunately very few of us succeed.  Probably, because we listen to the unconscious mind and let him reign over our conscious mind.

There are many people who are successful and the reason they are is because they talk differently, than we do.  They have learned to listen to their conscious mind and whatever they do, anything they attempt, they tend to meet with success. Be it business, playing a game of cards, finding a date or even if they were to enter the Olympics…hey presto! They are the winners.
Words Matter: Conscious vs Unconscious
Winners EXPECT only winning. They study and model after others before them who were winners.  They speak words of life and not death into their situations.  They are confident and focused.

Most of you have run a race sometime or the other in your lives. What was your mindset before the race? Did you think you’d win before you ran the race or did you contemplate winning only when you were in the race? Perhaps you hadn't even thought positively and had already seen yourself as a loser. Then doubt and unbelief set in and you started thinking that it was impossible for you to win.  You know you couldn't win.

Thoughts are words because you are saying them to yourself without speaking in your mind.

Life and death are in the “words” you speak over yourself and to yourself.

Whether dealing in real estate or buying a car or just about anything, a winner EXPECTS and SPEAKS WINNING WORDS to get exactly what he wants.  And they do. And sometimes they do it against all odds. It is this EXPECTATION that makes one a winner, scoring over the rest.

Do you also want to be a winner?  Do you want to be successful?  What you have to do is…
Keep your eyes closed and imagine opening up your unconscious mind.   See your particular aspiration in life. Relax and concentrate. Let your mind focus only on the fact you are going to achieve your aim.

Now, shut your eyes once more and EXPECT that YOU WILL achieve your target. Observe a subtle change. Do you not feel more confident? That’s the difference between letting our mind ponder and waver too much about anything.

Perhaps you can win or lose. But the EXPECTATION has only one likelihood…. winning. You are almost there.

The answer now lies before you. So what do you do next? Apply your mind with full intensity, concentrate on your goal and EXPECT TO WIN.

Before any venture, just take a deep breath, relax and pause…. to think and ….TO WIN. Think of the aura of success around you. Bask in that glory of success. Now that you have set your mind on winning, you are surely going to be a winner.  Be thankful that you have already won. Give “Thanks” out loud…

If you speak “words of  life” into your goals and visions then everything you do or say will spell triumph. Not overnight, but through a process.  You will still fail forward because your thoughts and words have to have true Confidence, Belief and Expectation behind them.  It is a practiced learning, not an overnight quest.

Let your Words be meaningful, filled with expectation and triumph.  Let your conscious mind bring your unconscious mind into alignment. Speak words of life into every situation.

Now that you know the path to winning begins with your words, the rest is easy. And the chances are you WILL win. One hundred percent. At the right time, in the right place and with the right attitude.  All you require is the correct mindset, along with the proper Confidence, Belief and Expectation along with the winning “Words” to win.

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To Your Success,

Angela Valadez

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