Words Of Power

The Daily Meditation 07.27.2013

Words Of Power

Richard Mathiason


Excerpt from the Teachings of Jesus in the “Science Of Mind” by Ernest Holmes Page 475

The Word of Power (John 5:26)

As the Father has life, so the son has life.  Again we have the teaching that there is but One Life, Mind or Spirit. This Life is now our life, and manifests through us as we believe in It. When our word is spoken in this consciousness of life, power and action, then our word IS life, power and action.

THE WORD HAS POWER ONLY AS IT IS ONE WITH POWER. The word is a mold which decides what form the thought is to take as it assumes shape and becomes a part of our conditions. Mental treatment is for the purpose of forming the word into such shapes and designs as are desirable  for experience. 

the word gives form to the unformed. The greater the consciousness behind the word, the more power it will have. Just words, without conviction, have no power , and just conviction without words, will never stir up latent energy. There must be a combination of the two to make a complete thing.

We are surrounded by a spiritual consciousness and a mental law. From combinations of these two, all things are mad. We unify with the spiritual consciousness as we become aware of it, we speak it into form as we believe in the power of our own word. In treatment, there should be first a realization of power , then a spoken word. One generates, the other distributes.

I recognize that I am one with the Power, God, Source.

There is no separation as we are all One.

There is only One Mind and that Mind is mine and it is Yours.

You and I are this Power because we all come from Source.

I speak my word now with conviction and passion.

Abundance is mine now. Joy is mine now. Love is mine now. Prosperity is mine now.

I feel it from my heart.

As this is true for me, it is also true for You.

My gratitude overflows because I know that my words are true and they cannot come back to me void.

Having spoken my word, I now let them go into the Law, to God, knowing that they are acted upon. 

And So It Is.


Richard Mathiason is the Technical Director at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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