Write It Down

Imagine it is the eve of your birthday.  You are having a great party! Throughout the day you have evaluated your past year and tonight, as you raise your glass to toast a new year, you make a dicision, a commitment that this coming year will be different, exceptional!  You will do all the things that were left undone in the previous year.  You are going to finish all the projects, fix all the relationships, and of course you are going to do whatever it takes to get your business moving in the upward direction.  Yes, this year will be different.  Oh really? Read more

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  • Great post Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for this great post Kathleen.  Liked and tweeted.  Go IBO!

  • Good post, Kathleen! I remember reading about the study, although I forget whether it was Yale or Harvard. Ever since then I have written down my dreams and plans, and update them regularly. It's fun to see how they change!

  • Top Member

    Excellent post Kathleen and I have shared again for you. Make it a great day.

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