Many Americans are concerned about what will happen to Xpress Healthcare, a discount heathcare organization when the Healthcare Reform bill goes into effect in 2014.

3818710520?profile=originalXpress Healthcare has been a boon to the 50 million Americans who cannot afford health insurance or cannot qualify for it because of pre-existing conditions.  Xpress benefits are an alternative for these people.  They are available to everyone and there are no limitations.  Even with Obamacare there will be 20 million Americans who will be left without health insurance.  See letters to editor  in Seattle Times:

Xpress Healthcare, along with others in the Industry has expanded the discounted services to include prescriptions, dental, vision, hearing, chiropractic, Teladoc and many non-medical services such as ID Protection, Roadside Assistance, Legal 3818710468?profile=originalAssistance and Pet Care. 

Interestingly, Xpress Healthcare has become extremely attractive to small business owners.  They are able to provide the discount plans to employees at a reasonable cost as opposed to health insurance plans that are averaging in the $400/month range for individual coverage.   

Employers have found they are able to retain employees who need some sort of coverage and they are also finding that employees are taking less sick time.  Sounds like a win win situation.

You may want to watch this video for more information about the staggering costs of healthcare:

If you have questions about Xpress Healthcare please call me at 704-443-8711.

3818710533?profile=originalNever worry about numbers.  Help one person at a time – and always start with the person nearest to you. - Mother Teresa

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  • Thanks for commenting, Kathryn and I appreciate what you said.

  • Sandy, thank you for sharing  'Xpress Discount Healthcare Benefits and Healthcare Reform'   I am sure there are thousands of people that need this.

  • Thank you for reading and commenting, Merle.

  • Excellent information Sandy, I can imagine how tough it is in the US for health care.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing, Judy.  It's wonderful that you are saving regularly on prescriptions.

  • Hi Sandra, Great post, i am using the RX .I save $40 on my medication every month. Shared everywhere.

  • Hi Terri, thanks for sharing this.  I agree that more people should know that there is an alternative to expensive health and dental insurance.

  • Thanks for sharing, Julie!  We have found the benefits to be fantastic. As you said the prescription costs are so greatly reduced with Xpress.  I have heard many people say that if they used it for nothing but the dental benefits they would be saving money. 

  • I know I'm a bit biased, but I have used several of the Xpress Healthcare benefits and safe hundreds of dollars quarterly.  I have health insurance, but no insurance covers everything!  I use my Xpress plan for things not covered by insurance + for my prescriptions. The discounts on prescriptions with Xpress is (for me at least) lower than the co-pay on my insurance.  I'll share this post for sure!

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    Hi Sandy this is great information which must be shared to help those who are not insured. Shared on Facebook, Linkedin and tweeted. Have a great day.

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