The Daily Meditation 06.22.2013

You Are Love, Joy, Positive Energy and Prosperity

Ardy Reed, RScP

Ardy Skinner, RScP

There is one Magnificent Presence that is available to all of us!  This presence is filled with Love, Joy, Abundance, Positive Energy, and Prosperity!

This presence in the center of my being.  It fills me, in every moment, with this love, this joy, this abundance, this positive energy and it overflows in prosperity.  And just as I know of this presence is in the center of my being, I also know it is in the center of your being.

You are filled with this magnificent presence and have an abundance of love, joy, positive energy and prosperity!

In knowing this, I see this presence available in every given moment!  Within every situation, within every experience, and within every given moment!  It fills each of us with perfect health, amazing experiences, and shines through us… and as us as we meet everyone and everything!

I give great thanks for this Magnificent Presence.  I give great thanks for the perfect experiences we have in each moment!  I am so grateful this is in my life and is in your life!

I release my word into law knowing it gives perfect and precise production of my word! 

It is done! 

And so it is!

Ardy Reed is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  • Great read Richard, thanks for sharing.

  • Ann,

    Thank You! That is so nice to hear and I always pass along these comments to the authors of the articles. Have a great weekend!

  • Thank You so much, elzie and Terri. It is amazing how it always works out that I needed to hear what the prayer is about on that day! May you both have an amazing weekend!

  • That was way cool I needed that this morning shattering all over
  • Top Member

    What a wonderful way to wake up and read your inspiring blog post this morning. I have shared so that it can inspire many more people today.

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