Your Attitude Always Determines Your Altitude

Having a Positive Attitude makes it possible for you to excel to a higher Altitude.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” –Zig Ziglar

It is important to know that your attitude will always determine your altitude, whether it is in business or in life.  Also realize that it is impossible to change someone else’s attitude for them.    Our attitudes come from making choice decisions.


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”. –Marcus Aurelius

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” –Winston Churchill

“Yes, if we think happy thoughts, we will be happy.   If we think miserable thoughts, we will be miserable. If we think fear thoughts, we will be fearful. If we think sickly thoughts we probably will be ill. If we think failure, we will certainly fail. If we wallow in self-pity, everyone will want to shun us and avoid us”. –Dale Carnegie

Reality can be changed dramatically by a single thought.  Our mental attitude, which is the power which we hold in our heads can be set to Positive or Negative.

A Positive Mental Attitude in Leadership:

When it comes to  leadership, it’s more likely  that you are what you think.  It’s important to realize that  outside influences don’t usually determine your happiness or success.  It’s how we react to those influences – good or bad which determine our happiness or success.   We have the ability to change how we react to any outside forces?

Make sure that how you react to any situation is a conscious priority; which means practice daily.

1.  Humor is vital.

When things don’t seem to be going your way, learn to keep everything in perspective and relax. Laugh out loud or just throw up your hands with a smile on your face.

2.  Having positive self-confident feelings will  help you achieve more.

People are drawn to others who have an upbeat outlook, who have a can-do attitude. They will also make others want to be associated with you.  Why?  Because people are drawn to others who have an upbeat outlook and possess a can-do attitude.

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  • Thank you all for your comments and shares, Bruno, Sandy, Kathleen and Merle.  A great weekend to all.

  • Great post Angela and great advice about staying positive.

  • Hi Angela,

    Having a positive attitude is key if we want to succeed in business.  Thanks for sharing this information.  I will share this for you.  

  • Thanks, Angela for this excellent blog.  We subconsciously defeat ourselves when we negatively react to every adversity.  Your post is a great reminder to keep a positive attitude. 

  • Indeed, I agree, there is no reason to throw the towel for every time something doesnt go our way...we live and learn and taking it with the good spirit!

  • Thank you Terri.  Have a great evening.

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    I really enjoyed reading your post Angela. Keep up the great writing. I have shared it everywhere and will be posting it on the Syndication Express blog too.

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