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Your Children Need You Why Do You Keep Leaving?

Your Children Need You Why Do You Keep Leaving?


Children need their parents and very few parents like leaving their children to go to work. They hate not being able to go the concerts,ballgames,plays and all those things, they participate in through school or outside activities.

That same love a parent has that makes them hate leaving their child to go to work is the same love, that makes them do that very thing.

The love, want and need to protect and provide for those children is what pulls parents from the very children that they love so much...

Parents will put up with crap from bosses, jobs they hate, horrible long traffic jams and paychecks that are not even one tenth what that parent is worth to those children.

All for the sake of the love of their children.

Why then do parents do all these things yet, they won't even consider doing things a different way so that they can be there for their children?

The answer is very simple.

They are either afraid to try or they are living through their parents theories and concepts of the way things (should) be done.

There is no shame in building a better way.

Start today to find your way out of the trap, the maze of leaving those that you love the most when they need you more than any boss ever will.

Start here!

It can be done and you can do it!



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  • Some very interesting points made here Susan.  So true, that people will put up with crap from their boss, yet have no time for their children.  I'm with Kathleen, a very thought provoking article.  Liked and Shared.

  • Great post Susan!  It is very thought provoking.  Thanks for sharing your post with us.  I have liked and shared it for you.

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