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Your Success is Tracking The Millionaire's Foot Print

The Millionaire's foot print is extremely important to your success so listen to what I am about to tell you very carefully!

Stick with me here...

When you lose something what do you do? Do you retrace your footsteps back to where you last saw it and work your way toward where that object might have traveled?

When a prisoner breaks out they bring out the hounds setting them on the track sniffing them out? (Foot prints to the dogs.)

When a hunter tracks a rabbit, deer or what ever pray they look for the footprints or signs as to where the pray has been and where it has went.

It stands to reason then if you want to find the concept of how to become rich you would then track those that have went before you and achieved riches.

You are who you hang with because you absorb their thoughts, ways, feelings and ethics. These things are what brought the riches to those you seek.

In actual fact you are not tracking the millionaire; you are tracking their actions,thoughts and ethics so that you may absorb that which made them rich.

To do this you must first track them down and associate yourself with those possessing those qualities.

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"If you don't take action to better yourself no one else is going to do it for you. What are you wanting for life is to short don't wait."




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