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Alternative Text!?? SEO Gray Hat Secret


Hi All!  I am George Pierce, this post is about what is called "Alternative Text".  When you add an image to your website or blog, you will see a section for alternative text,  The section allows you to describe your image,  Your benefit is a boost in SEO.  Stay with me for a gray hat marketing trick to help you hit some SEO Home Runs! by way of alternative text.


When you insert an image, adding a description will help the search engines know more about that image.  Whatever tool you use for your website creation, you will find a box for Alternative Text.  

Using an HTML editor


Using a site builder?



Be sure to describe your images.  Your benefit is better SEO, thus more traffic.


My gray hat marketing tip is a form of 'Keyword Stuffing".  The tip is to include the keyword phrase that your page or post is about in your image description.  

Search engines do NOT like keyword stuffing, so you must use care when doing this, and you must NOT do this if your alternative text seems as if you are forcing or stuffing in keywords.  

For Example

The alt text for the wide-eyed woman above is "wide-eyed woman confused about alternative text".    What I have done is "worked in" the keyword phrase that this post is based on.  I have tried to include the phrase conversationally.  You and I do not want it to seem that we are forcing our keyword phrase into our image description.  If it seems forced, do NOT include your keyword phrase in your alt text, it will hurt rather than help.  

If you can include it conversationally, images are right after videos when it comes to getting on page one of the search (based on my experience).

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  For more free help and training, visit my Make Money Online YT channel.

PPS.  Although SE does not offer alt text, the top image does have alt text by way of an HTML editor and using the HTML function on SE.  Right-click on the page and then click on the source to see the HTML and the alternative text.   

<p><img src="" alt="wide eyed woman confused about alternative text" width="468" height="468" /></p>


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  • The English phrase "small things matter", is really appropriate in everything we do in general. And with SEO, it's no different. Thanks for sharing!

  • Top Commentor

    Thanks for sharing another awesome tip George.  And even how to use it when the alt text function is available. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      A post about alt text, without alt text, did not seem right.  I go back to site builders and web hosts that 'lost connection' on a very regular basis, so I resorted to an HTML editor, which I still use on occasion, thank you, Robin.

  • Top Member

    Great tips George Pierce about alternative text. Since SE is a content syndication platform and this is a press release. You want traffic going to your website or blog where this would be most beneficial.  

    • Top Video Contributor

      The free syndication generates traffic from some of the best social media sites, thank you, Terri.  

    • Top Member

      Thank you for your feedback about SE. The SE members like you make the site so good because of the press releases, blog posts and videos being shared here. 

  • Top Commentor

    The 'alt' tag is indeed powerful George - nice tip.

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