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Are You Sharing On Reddit?


Hi ALL!  

I am George Pierce, this post is about a social media site called Reddit.  I make it a habit of sharing my content on social media sites and Reddit is one of those sites.  Why?  Reddit is the tenth busiest site on the entire web.  It enjoys 1.7 Billion visitors monthly.  The idea of sharing your content is to get more exposure, so high-traffic sites, such as Reddit, can help you get that exposure.  

If you are not familiar with Reddit, it is unique.  

According to Wikipedia:

"Reddit (/ˈrɛdɪt/) is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. Registered users (commonly referred to as "Redditors") submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members."

Reddit is perfect for whatever kind of content that you want to show and...if you post great content on Reddit, the upvote system can help it to go VIRAL.  Reddit can easily generate thousands of visitors and more, overnight. 

Reddit has been good to me, try it, it may be good to you.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  The snapshot above is by a brand-new channel on YT which shows that Reddit can help you even when you are new to Reddit. 

PPS.  If you would like free help and training for making money online, I invite you to visit my Internet Marketer Training channel on YT.


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  • Top Commentor

    Thank your George for another valuable post.  I have a Reddit, but I haven't used it.  Which at this point I consider a plus.  Because when I do there and start posting, I will be armed with the information I got from this post.  That means I'm starting out with an advantage. 

  • Top Commentor

    Thanks for the heads-up George. I long since realised that if George Pierce is doing it then the 'it' barely needs looking into because you will already have done that, and thoroughly. It's the fact that you first use, and only then pass on your honest experience about methods and resources which renders your guidance so valuable.

    • Top Commentor

      I agree Tom.  You can see George goes above and beyond to bring extra value to his followers. Because what he says works.   


    • Top Video Contributor

      I believe that the best people to learn from are the 'doers', but most are so busy 'doing' that they do not take the time or make the time to share.  Thank you, Tom.

    • Top Commentor

      George, I'm glad you make the time to share.


  • Top Member

    I have an account with Reddit, however I haven't been on it in a very long time. It's a great way to get one way backlinks which helps with seo and search engines rankings. As you stated they get a lot visitors on the site. Thank you for reminding me about Reddit, I need to revisit to see if my account still exist, if not I will create a new one. 

    Excellent information in this post. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I just shared a YT training video on Reddit on YT Start-Ups a sub-Reddit group with over 1M members, that is a lot of exposure, thank you, Terri.  

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