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Before You Start!


HELLO!  I am George Pierce, with about 20 years of online experience.  This post is meant to help you when it comes to getting started online.  Whatever your online endeavor, you are about to embark on the most exciting and lucrative journey of your life.  

That is the PROMISE.  Is it a lie?  

Believe it or not, it is TRUE or it is a LIE, depending on you.  

If you are willing to learn and stick with it, working online is the best choice you could ever make. 

For some unknown reason, it seems that many people think of working online as a way to get rich with little to no effort.  Because the internet allows you to leverage your efforts with financial levers such as duplication and residual income, your financial potential can far exceed your expectations and your imagination.  In other words, you can create a profitable website, blog, sales page, video, etc. and your endeavor will pay you today and tomorrow and the day after and so on.  And you can duplicate your efforts over and over again.  

However, making this happen does require learning and effort.  There is a way, called outsourcing, where you pay others to provide the effort, this is actually an excellent option, but not one that most of us can use, initially.  

The bottom line is that making money online takes effort...and that is not all!  It takes sustained effort.  I did terribly for about a year.  


Above is an example of what I call "a sleeper".  A sleeper is an endeavor that you or I might create online that seems to have all the ingredients for success, but not much seems to happen, then it finally wakes up.  What you are seeing is a video example, but I have very similar results with websites and blogs. 


If you rely on free organic traffic as I do, it is going to take a while for the search engines to find your content, and then it is going to take a while longer for them to determine whether your content is good.  

Above, you can see that it took about a month for the video to wake up.  With a website or blog, it often takes two to four weeks longer.  The reason for that is that this video is on YT, one of the most visited sites on the Internet which gives it an advantage.

Before You START...are you willing to learn? Are you willing to be patient?  Are you willing to stay with it?  If your YES is not loud and resounding, perhaps, an online endeavor is not for you.

And even if your yes is loud and clear, persistent Internet Marketing is not easy.  There are days when everything is perfect, way better than expected.  And, of course, there are days when your mettle will be tested,  Unfortunately, 95 to 97 out of 100 will quit,  and the only way to fail at online marketing is to quit. 

So here is a tip that will help.  

Make it FUN!  

One of the pieces of advice that you may have heard is to base your online endeavor around something that you like, preferably, LOVE.  This is good advice.  The reason is that your like or love can help sustain your efforts and your persistence.  And I suggest that you try to take it even further.  Which is to take steps to make it fun and to keep it fun.  

What you will discover is that nothing seems to be happening and then, almost suddenly, you will begin to get traction.  This is just the beginning!  Your persistent online actions have another financial lever working for you.  It is a cumulative effect.  

You are probably already aware that the big sites, the big blogs, the big channels, and so on, seem to get all the traffic and all the views.  Once upon a time, they were starting out, just like you.  The secret to their success is that they stayed with it, they did not quit.  

Before You Start...if you will get into online marketing with a mindset that you are not quitting, and that you will see this through, you have moved into the 3 to 5% group and out of the 95 to 97% group.


Thank you for reading.

Much Success,

George Pierce

PS.  For free online marketing training, please visit my Internet Marketer Training Channel:

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  • Top Member

    I couldn't have said it better George Pierce and you made your point clearly. Once you have your why and the right mindset, you're all set because you'll never quit. As you stated, persistence and consistency is the key. Thanks George for being a valued member on Syndication Express. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      At some point, things begin to work, eventually, things begin to get easier, be we will never reach those points if we quit,  Thank you, Terri.  

    • Top Member

      That is correct. Just imagine if I had give up on Syndication Express because things was moving to slow. I kept on moving in the right direction, with persistency and consistency. Now I have a site to be proud of knowing that it's helping members in the SE community.

  • Top Commentor

    Great wisdom coming from you as always George. I appreciate your advice and your words. 

    And a nice nod to MASH with the picture of Radar at the bottom of the speed limit sign...LOL

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