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Does Pandering And Marketing = $$$$$$$  and is it BAD?

Pandering is bad, right?  


It can be good or bad, depending on how you use it.  Good pandering pays.


To be successful, a certain amount of pandering is probably going to be involved.  UH OH!



Have you been pandering?



Let's begin with What IS PANDERING?


According to Wikipedia: Pandering in Politics

Pandering is the act of expressing one's views in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal. The term is most notably associated with politics. In pandering, the views one is expressing are merely for the purpose of drawing support up to and including votes and do not necessarily reflect one's personal values.

Pandering looks bad, but stick with me because pandering done right is a good thing and it can really help you to get better results.


How does pandering apply to affiliate marketing, email marketing, online marketing, etc.?

Should you talk about what your prospects want to hear?  If you want visits and views and traffic, yes, but there is no need to lie or deceive.

One of the best strategies to get online prospects to take action such as visit, sign up, donate, and buy, is to get them to do what you want them to do by showing them why THEY want to do it.  

So when you are creating your next online adventure, add a heaping dose of ethical pandering. 






Put yourself in their shoes. Literally, tune yourself in to what they are thinking and what they are feeling.  Then relate to those thoughts and feelings.

Now add that pandering...such as how will this help them, how will they benefit, how will it solve their problem, how will it make them feel better, and so on.  


Proper pandering will help your prospects to benefit from your product or service and you will benefit from more conversions and more customers.


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  • Top Commentor

    Great job George.  You took a word that has a negative image, and turned into a tool we can use to grow our business.  And to also give our customers value.  


  • Top Member

    This is my first time hearing about pandering. You have shared a way of using it positive for marketing. That's cool my friend. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I use the word pandering as a possible attention grabber, yet proper pandering is a positive strategy, thanks for your support, Terri.

  • Top Commentor

    Yes, I do like your article George and no, I'm not pandering to you in saying that!

This reply was deleted.

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