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Easiest Way To Make Money Online Update


Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce, this post is an update of what I believe is the easiest way to make money online which is an adaptation of the Faceless Video Strategy.  It is a way to make money on YouTube without making videos.  It is simple, it does not require any skills, and there is no cost.  It is a strategy that I am using and sharing.  I will talk more about the strategy later.

If you are using my strategy, or considering my strategy, allow me to wish you much success, and to share these updates. 

Longer Videos and Compilations

A little over a month ago, my vintage media channel hit 100 subscribers.  At that time, I shared in a post on Syndication Express that I wanted to get more subscribers.  My main strategy was to focus on getting more watch time.  More watch time sends a strong signal to YT that viewers like my content, and the result is that YT is more likely to share my videos.  This means more views, even more watch time, and ultimately more subs. 

In order to get more watch time, I used Longer Videos and created Compilations.  In my case, longer videos were easy, it meant that I should upload more movies. Movies have been a big success.  Compilations, not so much.   

What I found is that YT shot down most of my music compilations after publishing. YT will approve your video if there are no copyright issues. YT is not the villain, they are simply doing their job as well as protecting you and me from copyright issues, but soon after OKing the video, about 93% of the vintage songs ended up getting blocked, which means that these compilations cannot be seen until about 93 out of every 100 songs are removed.  

Compilations of old TV commercials have worked well.  Again, Movies have been a huge plus. 

As you see above, watch time has more than doubled and views are up about 60%. 

In addition, as you can also see above, the Blockbusters Game Show got 7 views BEFORE I got to watch it or share it, which means that YT is beginning to favor my content, at least, a little...  As mentioned, a benefit of more watch time. 


Based on my research, if you want to follow my Faceless Video adaptation, you may want to consider creating a channel based on:

Game Shows

Kids TV


People LOVE these three categories.  I do not have enough data yet, but Movies might end up being my top recommendation.

Thank you for reading.

Much Success,

George Pierce

PS.  My personal adaptation of the Faceless Video strategy is to download vintage media from Internet Archive, a public domain site, and then upload that media to YT.  The downloading and uploading is the second step in my process.  The first step is to do a little simple research to make sure that people are going to be interested in whatever vintage media that I am considering, the third step is to share the video with social media sites for more exposure. 

If you would like to take a look at exactly what I am doing, step-by-step, click here to watch my free training.

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  • Top Member

    Keep me updated on your progress. I am currently working to rejuvenate my channel and your advice and tips are very helpful for me. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I will be glad to. There is still a lot to learn, lots more mistakes to be made, and lots more fun to be had.  Thank you, Terri.  

  • Top Commentor

    I  really like this concept. It follows with what super achievers would do. The first and most important is keep life simple and fun. For years it has been hard for me to comprehend why people are so hung up on complexity.

    For audience reasons I believe you are correct that movies is the best choice. There are a lot of baby boomers still alive and they enjoy the old movies. The problem with kids TV is children are the ones watching it, quite often without parental supervision. Too many times the commercials are aimed at children, so the parents don't see or pay attention to them. With every group I have had in the cause not a single group watched game shows. With one group there was a television in all but two rooms, they ran 24/7. Moving from room to room I never saw a game show on a single time in over 3 years.

    • Top Video Contributor

      I have not tried this on a separate kids' tv channel or a separate game show channel, I am in the first steps of trying this with a separate movie channel, so it is way too early to know anything for sure.  So far, my research and vintage channel results indicate that those three sub-niches are very popular, and it looks like movies will win on watch time which is a real driver for getting more exposure.  I am one of those boomers, so I may have an edge, and I do enjoy the media.  Thank you, Dennis. I appreciate your support and value your input.  

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