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Hi Everyone!  I am George Pierce, I have been learning affiliate marketing for over 20 years, and I still have to restrain myself.  The idea is to take one step at a time.  When we do not, we tend to overextend our efforts.  I find that holding back however is a real problem.  I believe that if you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, that is an excellent fit for making money online.  However, an entrepreneurial spirit and holding back do not go together well. 

When you decide to make money online, you want to dive in.  

Newbies want to learn everything and do everything all at once, which is wonderful, even though it is impossible, that was my goal.  The problem is that our entrepreneurial spirit needs guidance.  It may also need to be reined in, on occasion.  If you are like me, it may need to be reined in often.    With newbies, at least in my case, there may be another problem, and that is that we do not know that we have a problem.  In other words, going in every direction all at once may seem like that is exactly what we should be doing.  It is NOT.  


I am an advocate of Turtle Marketing!  

Turtles do not have external ears, they do not hear well, so when your entrepreneurial spirit is yelling for you to do this and this and that and that, you can do ONE STEP AT A TIME.  

Beefing up your efforts, such as doubling or tripling your efforts seems so right, but be careful.  Doing more of what works is great advice and advice that I try to embrace, but it is not always going to apply.   For example, too many social posts can backfire, and so can too many emails.  And especially.  when you are new, it is so easy to go in too many directions too fast.  Try to take a single step at a time, and become proficient at that step, before moving on to the next.  

I want it NOW!

If you are sincerely committed to making money online, you are in it for the long haul.  A wonderful thing about the Internet is that our efforts accumulate.  Doing too much too fast will dilute your efforts, and hurt your results.  Turtle marketing will still win the race!  Your efforts will not be diluted and your cumulative effect will get you to the finish line faster.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. My newest YT adventure is based on a strategy called Faceless Videos, a way to make money on YouTube without making videos and without spending money.  I am using this myself, the snapshot below is my most recent channel, about 60 days old, with absolutely ZERO cost, all results are free and organic!  I have broken down my adaptation of this strategy into three easy steps that anyone can follow.  If you seek a way to make money online, I invite you to take a look at my Faceless Video Training.



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    I can relate to being scattered all over the place when I first got started on the internet. I had a hugh money agenda. I had to make changes, slow down and get focused, then I had to lose my money agenda. I did that and I have so much to show for taking the time to slow down and find my why, get focused by doing a mental cleanse and stop being scattered everywhere. If you don't slow down the pace, get focused and find your why, you most certainly will quit. Wonderful post and advice George. 

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    Wise guidance for sure George. You are after all - there, seeing it and doing it. Entrepreneurs are exceptional; we do things forcibly and risk success in ways that others don't. What the casual observor does not see is the thought and planning which goes into our apparently exotic adventures. The rapid bursts of fire which explode in public view are most often (but not always) preceded by calculation and analysis. Pace and balance are what counts.

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