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Hi Everyone,  I am George Pierce.  This post is about how long it takes when you are using free methods to Make Money Online.  This is based on my personal experience and my opinion.  Of course, I cannot legally make any promises. 

My Story:

I have been doing online marketing for about 20 years, I am primarily a content marketer.  I use free methods to generate traffic and sales.  As a newbie, I tried to generate traffic with paid methods.  Even at pennies a click, yes, PENNIES, my paid advertising efforts LOST money.  It was my fault, in that I did not know how to properly create web pages that convert or even a good ad.  However, I can remember that no one shared the fact that newbies and paid advertising is not a good mix.  Based on my experience, paid advertising is not recommended for newbies.  

Paid ads will generate traffic, almost instant traffic, and as much traffic as you can afford.  It is a great option when you are able to create content that that, I mean, content that is going to grow your list, and generate click-throughs, and conversions.  As a newbie, I had no clue.  I created an awesome website, so I thought, it was "PRETTY", I was proud, and NOTHING happened, except that visitors (which I was paying for) were leaving as fast as they arrived.  Yeah, my bounce rate was almost 100%!  And, since I did not know better, I was paying Google to send people to my site...a 'stinky' site...stinky sites do not convert, and my first sites did not do much of anything except repel visitors!

I, therefore resorted to free traffic methods.  These methods do work, the traffic is what is called 'organic' traffic, it is the best of the best kind of traffic. 

There is a catch, it takes TIME.


Six Weeks!

Based on my experience, it takes me about six weeks for the free traffic to flow with any momentum, when it comes to a website, blog, or forum. As you repeat the creation process, your results will get better and better, but if you are brand new, I believe that eight to twelve weeks is probably more realistic.  In other words, in about two to three months, a couple of sales a week should start to happen, and that should grow as your content grows and your traffic grows.   

On YouTube, it takes me about 4 weeks for the traffic to flow.  Above is a snapshot of my most recent YT channel based on free traffic.  It is a little easier to get traffic since a YT channel is on one of the busiest sites.  On YT, you can make money as a YT partner which takes 1K subs and 4K views in 12 months, as well as affiliate marketing methods such as including links in your description to your website, your affiliates, your squeeze page, and so on.  Subs on the above channel are presently growing at about 10 a day.  That should snowball, but at the present rate, the channel will qualify as a partner in about 84 days.  In other words, it can take 4 to 5 months before becoming a partner, and for a newbie, perhaps five to six months.  

Using FREE methods, affiliate marketing should generate income faster, with one to two sales a week in 60 to 90 days.  With YT, about two affiliate marketing sales per month, after six weeks or so, and about $500 a month as a partner, but not for four to six months.



Although the information in this post may not be what you want to hear, there is something about the Internet that will make all this worthwhile.  Your efforts accumulate!  As a content marketer, and as a YouTuber, your content accumulates.  A quality webpage or a quality video will continue to generate traffic.   If you are willing to consistently add content, your results will accumulate and they will snowball.

On a regular JOB, your income is linear, on the Internet, your income is limitless!




The above snapshot is typical of what happens to me.   As you can see, it usually takes TIME, for my content to get noticed by the search engines, but once it does get noticed, the traffic faucet seems to get turned on more and more.  If you are willing and if you can afford to take the time to grow an online business, allow me to invite you to take a look at two ways that you can get started. 


Make Money Online With Youtube: 

The above examples are from a YT channel that is about 2 months old, I upload about one video a day, spend no money, and invest less than an hour a day.  As the channel grows, however, that will probably double.  I have come up with an adaptation of the Faceless Video process.  It is a simple three-step format, that anyone can follow and there is no need to make videos, be on camera, or spend any money.  My Faceless Video Training is free.  

 Make Money Online With Clickbank:

I have created a new Clickbank Tutorial for beginners.  It is different because it is based on what beginners need.  My Make Money Online Fast With Clickbank is a training series, again, focused on beginners and focused on free, all tools and resources are free.  There is no need to spend money. 

There is no catch, begin free and then spend money later as your business can afford it, which is best for YOU.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce


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