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Guard Your Mind

Guard Your Mind


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This principle has always been important but never so much as right now.  What does it mean to 'guard your mind'?  We are living in an uncertain world.  Moreover, we are being bombarded with negativity and are being subjected to a constant, hourly, reminders of the most recent covid 'numbers' by the media.  Many have become fearful of losing their jobs or their businesses.  How does one cope in such an absurd set of circumstances?  You must guard your mind!  

It would be easy to dwell on all of the negativity.  "Will my business survive?"  "How will I pay the rent if they keep cutting back my hours?"   "What happens if I get sick?"  "Could I die from this virus?"  "What about mom...what happens if she gets sick?"  Any form of negativity, stress, and especially fear, triggers what is called the 'fight or flight' response.  When you are fearful, your body is naturally hard-wired physiologically to prepare your body to run from the sabre-toothed tiger that you can see off in the distance.  When the 'fight or flight' response is triggered, all systems other than your respiratory and circulatory systems, shut down.  Your heart rate increases.  For example, your digestive system is not needed in the 'fight or flight' mode and shuts down.  All of the energy flows away from any of your body's systems, including your immune system, that are not necessary in the 'fight or flight'.  If you are living in constant stress or allow yourself to dwell on other forms of negativity, in other words if your body is living in the 'fight or flight' response over an extended period of time, your immune system is not operating at full capacity and, consequently, you open yourself to disease.

The key then is to guard your mind.  In other words, you must do your best to keep those negative thoughts at bay!  Instead, you must do your best to think thoughts that are uplifting, positive, good feeling thoughts.  Well, you say, that's easier said than done.  I agree.  Becoming conscious of your thought patterns and replacing negative thought patterns with positive one's is not easy.  But, as with all things in life, the more you practice this technique the better you get at it.  

Guard your mind.  Replace negative thoughts with better feeling thoughts as much as you can.  You will be happier and healthier!  And of course, there is a school of thought that teaches that what you think about you will attract into your life.  That is a whole other topic that we will talk about next time!  In the meantime, do your best to guard your mind!

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Grant Edward Rayner

London, Ontario, Canada 


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  • Top Video Contributor

    The more we practice the better we get, thank you, Grant.

  • Top Blogger

    Enjoyed reading your post. 

    • Thank you so much for commenting Valerie!  

  • Top Member

    All I will say about your post is fantastic and the timing is perfect due to what's happening in the world. You're spot on and your message must be seen by many. Thank you for always giving beneficial and uplifting posts on the SE platform. 

  • Hello Grant,

    Your views on this time we are all experiencing are well expressed. Covid has brought us to a space, where we all have enough time to examine who, and what part do we play on this planet and our respect for nature and the elements. There are so many things in life we take for granted. The gift of breath to awake every morning and know that one is alive is a miracle. I practice staying in the moment and being grateful. Great conversation piece Grant and have an exuberant day.


    • Hello Camille!  And thank you for your comments.  Living in the present moment and practice of the art of gratitude are key elements that I practice daily as well...I also think that you have expressed a basic truth in life.  There are two sides to every coin and as horrific as this time is on a number of planes, it has given us all an opportunity to reflect on who we are and what our purpose is.  I think that is a great insight and I agree completely.  Have a blessed day Camille!

    • Top Member

      Hello Camille it's great to see you and I agree with your thoughts. 

This reply was deleted.

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