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Internet Marketing - Making It Grow Consistently


I received this email from a respected online business owner. It contained information that will benefit a lot of internet marketers. 

I respectfully request that you continue reading it below. 

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Let's start with how to make a business grow easily.

The secret of making a business grow easily is to make it go viral.

For example, restaurateurs strive to give you a unique dining experience, so that you will take a photo and share it in the social media.

That's a typical viral marketing strategy that you can see often nowadays, across the retail and service industry.

But that is not good enough.

If you can take viral marketing to the next level, you will be able to grow your business consistently.

How do you do that?

The idea is to design your business such that your users promote your business without actually promoting it.

Let's take Google as a case study.

Google doesn't really need to promote itself because its users are doing that, for free.

For example, Gmail is probably Google's best viral marketing tool. Everyone using Gmail is indirectly promoting Google. The brand name of Google will be known for generations!

Another example is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a great tool for webmasters, but why is Google giving it free?

Because it is a great way to bring webmasters from all over the world for free. These webmasters are Google's potential advertisers. I am not surprised everyone who uses Google Analytics may eventually end up buying some Google Adwords!

To be frank with you, LeadsLeap does the same thing.

They create free tools for internet marketers. When they use our free tools, they are indirectly promoting LeadsLeap.

The more users we have, the more promotion we get automatically, and the more new users we will get in return.

Can you see the viral effect?

It all happen automatically.

Many marketers depend on advertising as the main traffic source.

Advertising is good, but if you only depend on advertising to get traffic, the cost of acquiring a customer will be very high.

You can make advertising much cheaper if your users can promote your business simply by using your products/services.

Imagine every customer your advertisement bring in can eventually bring you 10 more customers, directly or indirectly, the advertising cost of acquiring a customer will be reduced by 10 times!

So, if you want to build a business that grows easily and consistently, be sure to answer this question:

"How do I make my users promote my business without them having to promote it at all."

[The End]

Terri Pattio



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    A wonderfully clear and simple presentation of information which, I'd say, is essential to all marketers Terri. The basics of successful business never change, regardless of the medium. The principle involved here is simply that of ensuring customers enjoy a memorably happy experience and then projecting that experience through others and all those with whom you interact. Thanks for this experience Terri, and may I wish you a very happy Hogmanay!  

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Terri Pattio



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