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New YT Channel ~ 200 New Subs In 28 Days


Hi Everyone!  George Pierce, here.  Above is a snapshot from this morning of my most recent online adventure, a YT channel.  As you can see, 200 new subscribers have joined the channel in the last 28 days.  All these new subscribers are organic which means they are free.  Best of all, they are real subscribers who joined the channel because they wanted to join and liked the content.  This is the best kind of subscriber because they are very likely to watch more and more videos.  Although the best indicator of how well your viewers like your content is watch time, an increasing subscriber base reinforces the fact that viewers like your videos enough to want more.

When subscribers join a YT channel, that sends a good signal to YT, and then, when your new subscribers continue to watch new videos that are published, that sends an even more convincing signal to YT, that viewers like your videos.  Your benefit is that YT will push your videos out to more and more viewers, which can have viral possibilities.  

On the other hand, be careful of how you generate viewers and subscribers.  Organic methods are the best, however, they can take time.  This new channel, for example. will probably take a total of five months to qualify for the YT partner program which will mean monetization.  At that point, the videos can generate income from YT traffic, an average of $4 per 1K views.   The first YT check should be about $400+ but has an easy potential exceeding $1K and even #10K per month as the channel grows.  



Growth is the keyword.  For most online adventures to grow and keep growing, a consistent supply of content is needed.  That is certainly true regarding a YT channel, a blog, or content marketing.  Creating content, especially video content takes time, and effort, and typically involves being on camera.  Even with dogged determination, which is what it takes to be consistent, most YTers seem to reach a point where they run out of new ideas.  If you are considering making money on YouTube, allow me to share what I am doing to grow...and to continue to grow this new channel.  

I have adapted a process called the Facelss Video Strategy.  It is a way to legally use other people's videos to grow a channel.  My supply of videos is virtually infinite, so running out of content is not a problem.  Since the videos are already made, the video creation time and stress have also been eliminated, and, of course, there is no need to be on camera or to spend any money.  If you would like to know more about how I am growing this channel for free, I have broken the process down into three easy steps that anyone can follow.  The first and third steps are about finding out which videos people want to watch and about getting needed exposure for free, which helps to get the above results.   I invite you to watch my Faceless Video Training.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce


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  • Top Commentor

    Impressive performance George - and a rare treat to have an actual practitioner sharing their experience as they go along.

    • Top Video Contributor

      I committed to giving back many years ago and redoubled it recently.  The catch was tine, it takes time and effort to create a post....but it takes very little time and effort to share what I am doing.  If what I am doing, does not work, which happens, no big deal.  The bottom line is that I get to share more and, therefore give back more, thank you, Tom.

  • Top Member

    Nice accomplishment George Pierce and you deserve it because of your efforts. This is what Youtubers want for their channel. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      The channel just hit 5K watch time, almost all of that in the last 28 days, and one or two of the channel's videos are beginning to show up in the top five or six suggested videos. As you know, I am still relatively new at growing a YT channel, so it is nice to know what I am sharing is working. Thank you, Terri. 

    • Top Member

      Yes that's awesome it's working. This is definitely beneficial for people to know. Keep it moving George Pierce 

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