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Newbie Advice ~ Bad and Good


Hello!  I am George Pierce and this post includes advice for newbies. When you are getting started online, you might want to try what I did.  I found that just about everything that I tried DID NOT WORK.  Mostly. it was my fault because I did not know what I was doing.  But, getting past that stage was not easy, not for me.  I had an advantage that many do not...I KNEW that making money online did work!   When you KNOW that something works, then the option that most newbies take is no longer an option.  

Option #1 QUIT!

Of course, that is your worst option.  Quitting is the ONLY way to fail at making money online!  If you are considering quitting, it is bad advice, so do not take it.  You made a great decision when you decided to try your hand at making money online, it is still a great decision, so let's take a look at some other options.

Option #2 LEARN!

Learning is probably your best option.  If you love to learn, making money online is a superb choice, there is always more to learn.  When you are starting out, learning is going to shorten your path to success more than anything else. Make it a point to spend a certain amount of time each week to LEARN.  At some point, things will begin to click, learning will get you to that point faster than any other option.  Your best advice is to learn, take it, run with it!

Option #3 FIX IT!

The problem that I seemed to constantly encounter as a newbie was that I knew that whatever online endeavor I was trying was not working, but I did not know why it was not working.  I wanted to fix it, but it is just about impossible to fix something when you do not know what is broken. If you can relate to this predicament, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  As you learn and as you gain experience, you will do less and less that needs fixing and you will figure out how to fix more and more of what does not work.  Although, FIX IT, is good advice, perhaps, having the patience to get to the stage where your abilities will enable you to fix it, is better advice.




Above are examples of my taking this advice to heart.  The top snapshot is of a YT channel about game shows, the top two shows are The Chase, followed by Jeopardy.  The video that was just uploaded is The Chase and it is #1 for getting the most views from the start.  The next snapshot is of a free tool called a Free Download Manager. It allows me to schedule downloads.   The top two zip files are Jeapardy and the S6E1 download is another episode of the chase.  As a newbie, my results were pitiful, but some of what I tried, did work.  

In other words, some of what you try will work,  When it does, do more of it!  This is not only great advice that you want to take, it might end up being a game changer.  By doing more of what works, you are adding more success to your online journey and success, even small successes can help you to stay with it, and that is all you need to do!  The rest will happen. 

Thank you for reading.

Much success.

George Pierce

PS.  For more free help with making money online, visit my YT channel.  

 PPS. I DO what I share and share what I do, this video was just uploaded, enjoy.  If you love game shows, visit Mr. P's Game Show channel.


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  • Top Member

    Great advice in this post George Pierce and I agree with option number 2, Learning will help you to succeed in making money online. You must learn how first because it will eliminate a lot of time and effort when you do it right the first time. Thank you for always sharing great information in the SE community. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Nowadays, just about everything you need to know is readily available, and free, it beats the old school of hard knocks, thank you, Terri. 

    • Top Member

      There are a whole lot of free learning out there for people. That's my goal to help as many people here on SE to be successful by branding their name and face online using other people's content. This works great and with Syndication Automation here, it works more when SE members share the content here. Now you're branding your name and face online using other people's content. Traffic is great and all, however branding is a must as well. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I get to see again and again and again, on FB, for example, how much SE does for its members, thank you, Terri,  SE is an absolute no-brainer.  

  • Top Commentor

    Yes George, perseverence is what separates the winners from the also-rans! Following your inspired tutorials based on the real grind of what you have learned is itself a long course but, bit by bit, it adds up to the successful outcomes which every internet marketer is seeking - if they stay with you and stay true to your achievement based convictions.

    • Top Video Contributor

      The snowball effect is just starting to begin, as you say, bit by bit, it all adds up, as long as we persist, thank you, Tom.  

    • Top Member

      Persistent is key, that's for sure. 

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