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Hi All!  I am George Pierce, and this post is about making money with Clickbank (CB).  CB is an affiliate network, one of the biggest. I have been with CB for close to 20 years, and I have only had one snag with CB, which was recently.  My web host caused the snag, which was preventing my access to my account.  CB was terrific as far as helping me and resolving the issue.  What you are about to see is going to focus on CB products, but the strategies and methods should work with any affiliate network.  

The niche that I am choosing for this post is technically NOT the highest-paying niche (per Diggity Marketing), but I believe that it is the best for newbies, because I believe that it offers more sub-niches in which newbies can compete.  The following is a marketing overview of the wellness niche.  

UH OH!  No one shares this! (per Diggity Marketing) 

  • Average monthly revenue: $1678.40
  • Average of Content Published437
  • Average of Backlinks: 3365.90
  • Average of Hours Worked/Week: 2.60
  • Highest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $5661
  • Lowest Average Monthly Gross Revenue: $592

Ubersuggest, a free Chrome extension, will validate the above figures.  As you can see, you can work less than three hours per week, with a potential income of over $5K gross revenue per month.   The part you may not be aware of,  the 'catch' that no one shares, is that your website needs an average of 437 posts or pages, along with an average of over 3300 backlinks.  These numbers may seem daunting, but they are NOT.  

Content will accumulate, so focus on quality, quality will last and create returns, referrals, and email sign-ups.  For each piece of content that you create, you also want to create a YouTube video that links to your site. Build each page and each video around a keyword phrase.  Use Keyword Explorer to help you find keywords that "score" well. More about keywords in a moment. 

Backlinks are easier than you think, You will find help with backlinks at the end of this post where you will find several free options, tools, training, and resources that you can use for creating legitimate backlinks quickly.  


Keywords!  Keyword Phrases!


The right keywords and phrases are going to help you to generate FREE traffic, and...LATER (once you gain experience) ...they will help you to generate paid traffic.  I recommend that newbies do NOT tackle paid traffic, only because they are not ready. What may surprise you is that you CAN generate lots of free traffic.  This is organic traffic and is the kind of traffic that is the best.  As your content grows, so will your traffic.  

Above is a snapshot of an example of why I am recommending this niche as one of the fastest ways to make money as an affiliate marketer, even as a newbie.  

According to Keyword Explorer, there are over 1.4 MILLION searches per month on YouTube for "weight loss diet", which has an overall score of 100% which is the highest score.  What this means is that even a newbie can make money in this niche with the help of Keyword Explorer!  

One of the ways you cash in on these keywords is to create content (a web page and a video) built around this keyword phrase and similar keyword phrases that score well and sprinkle in relative ads from sites such as CB.  Another way is to create reviews (web pages and videos), based on affiliate products, and trends, built around keyword phrases that score well.  We will explore these two money-making strategies and much more in future posts.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

Backlinks BONUS ~ Watch the video, then get your free backink resources. 

✔️Click Here for all your Free Backlink Resources


Click here for part two, how you can gain an unfair advantage, even as a newbie.  


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    Nice information in this post with great advice to help people to make money with CB. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      My first commissions were with CB, in the weight loss niche, and I was still so bad that making money was a shock, thank you, Terri.  

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