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Hi All!  I am George Pierce.  This is the second post on how to make money as fast as possible with Clickbank. Part one is about Niche Research and Keywords, and in this post, part two, I intend to give you an unfair advantage.  The following snapshot is from my site with Groove. Several things are going on, that are not supposed to be apparent.  Allow me to point them out, to help you gain an unfair advantage.

The size is about 70% of the actual size, so you can get a better feel for what is going on.  


At the top left, is a peak at the meta section, which, of course, is not going to be seen by visitors. In the first post, you will find that the Keyword Phrase "weight loss diet" has an overall score of 100% using Keyword Explorer, a free tool that is part of TubeBuddy, which is a suite of tools, training, and more to help you with your YT channel. This page is built around the phrase "weight loss diet", but I want you to see that you need that phrase in your meta section, and on your page.  It is in the metadata as the title and as the only keyword.     Do not stuff your content or metadata with keywords, it hurts your SEO rather than helps.  

The total number of words on this page is 251, and the keyword phrase 'weight loss diet' appears twice.  An .05 to 1% keyword saturation is what is recommended, the saturation is just under .08% which is fine.  Again, keyword stuffing will kill your SEO benefits. One of your web pages' jobs is SEO, which is called on-site SEO, what you are seeing is how your page is going to help you attract free visitors based on SEO which revolves around keywords and relative content. 

See the JOIN button.  It is RED and there are TWO buttons, visitors get two opportunities to join my list!  

Every web page provides you with opportunities to get your visitors to take action, and that action can be to join your list, become a member, visit an affiliate, and so on.   This training is about making money, but joining your list is ultimately going to be your best money maker, so give list-building a priority.  


The page is built around 'weight loss diet', your visitors are going to arrive at your page because they typed that phrase into their search box.  What do you think is going to happen when they arrive and the first thing that they see is what they were searching for?  They STAY!  Make the connection on every page and watch what happens to your bounce rate your conversions and your sign-ups.  This little tiny trick works like magic!


The above content implies that a weight loss diet does NOT work.  If you can provide your visitors with content that they are not going to see elsewhere, especially content that may be against what they have been told, it is a way to grab and keep attention, but make sure your shocker is true.  

The rest of the story!

The rest of the story is one of the easiest ways to get visitors to take action.  Give them a small taste or sample of what they will find, then politely ask or tell them to take action.  

What Next?

People who are trying to lose weight have a 'problem', some of the sellers at Clickbank have weight loss solutions.  Your job as an affiliate is relatively simple, it is to bring buyers and sellers together.  When buyers have a problem, they are considered to be motivated buyers, which makes your job easier and gives you another unfair advantage. 

We will explore that advantage in the next post.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

PS.  If you are interested in making money online, allow me to invite you to visit my YT channel for free Internet Marketer Training.  

PPS. Click here for part 3, how to be different.


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    So many people make the mistake of adding too many keywords/keywords phrases on their web page and what they don't know is that it will not be indexed or ranked in Google. In fact the opposite will happen, it will make Google bury their content and this leads to no traffic at all. Very informative and beneficial post you have shared here today. 

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      I agree that keyword stuffing in the meta section and/or in our content will hurt our SEO, thank you, Terri.  If your web page creator or content spinner does not give you a word count, it only takes a second to copy and paste your content into a word counter, which are free online,  and be sure to keep your keyword saturation under 1% (based on my research). 

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