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Hi All!  

I am George Pierce.  I have about 20 years of experience online as a content marketer. One of the major perceived problems of content marketing is that it is difficult, and, even worse, it takes a lot of work.  This post is about an online strategy that is about as close to a free lunch as you can get.  Of all the strategies that I have tried, what I am about to share is the easiest and most newbie-friendly one that I have found.  In fact, the more that I use this strategy, the more ways that I find to make it easier and easier.  

Above, you will notice a snapshot of a video called The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film.  The video was served to me on a silver, perhaps, I should say gold, platter by YT as a suggested video.  

I share this bit of information because YT and FB are providing me with all the information that I need when it comes to potential content.  

Potential Content?  

What I am doing is downloading videos from a public domain site called Internet Archive and uploading those videos to a Classic TV channel that I created on YT.  I created the channel several months ago and I have been sharing what I am doing so that others can follow my footsteps if they are interested in making money online, at no cost.  

One of the biggest negatives about content marketing is 'content'!   Not only does one need to create content, but it also has to be content that people are interested in.  All this sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but I have found a loophole.  

Thanks to YT (and FB), as mentioned, YT finds hot content for me.  All I (or you, should you want to use this strategy) have to do is click to click on the video.  By clicking on the video, we get to see that the video is really the one that it is supposed to be, it also shows us that YT is  OK with this video regarding copyright, and lets us know if we should go to the next step.



The next step is to see if the video is available in Internet Archive.  It is!  In addition, the use is CC 1.0.  What is CC 1.0?

To find out, all we need to do is to click on it.  It will bring us to a site called Creative Commons, where we can see what this means.



This is what we will see.  No Copyright means that no one has a copyright claim to this video!

What this means is that we can use it on YT.  In my case, the entire package, 5 videos, are already in line to be downloaded.  I use Free Download Manager, which is available as a download or as a Chrome extension.


PLEASE allow me to quickly break down what you have just seen. 

This ONE video has had an average of 40 MILLION views per year.  This video was already created.  No content creation, ZERO content creation was needed.  All that was needed was a little research, and that was done for us for free by YT.  

Once your channel qualifies as a YT partner (1K subs, 4K watch hours), and you become a YT partner, YT will pay you per 1K views.  The average channel makes $4 per thousand views. 

This little FREE video has had an average of 40 M views per year, which is 40,000 thousand.  So YT has paid this channel about  40,000 times $4 or $160.000 a year, over $13,000 a month, for the last 6 years for this video.

What did they do, downloaded it from IA and uploaded it to YT. 

I know this sounds too good to be true, I invite you to see how I use this strategy and to see it in action. 

In addition, there is more that you need to know about this process in order to get off to a fast start. 

If you want to learn more,  watch this video.

For links to all the free resources, click here.

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

PS. I began this strategy at 9 hours per week, I had to move that up to 11 hours a week due to social media response. I have spent a total of $28.40 to upgrade Tubebuddy, but that is not required.  

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    I just checked, the video downloaded automatically (thanks to FDM) and is ready to upload,  then I let Tubebudy do the SEO, share, and rinse and repeat.  Thank you, Terri. 

  • Top Member

    You're absolutely amazing and by sharing your Youtube strategy. You're definitely a go-giver. I can remember when I discovered and created my Twitter Strategy and my reason for sharing it with other Twitter users. I wanted to be a go-giver and give back to help others, and this is exactly what you're doing.  

  • Top Commentor

    Absolutely amazing stuff. Definitely a strategy worth considering. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I am in the process of sharing the video now, my research shows that this video (on more than one channel) is getting over 50M views a year, and I want readers to see that I am doing what I share. Thank you, John.  

      Why does it get so many views? It is truly an outstanding video.  

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