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The Secret World Of Self-Employment

Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business

 How To Be Your Own Boss

and ALWAYS Make Huge Profit! 

   Readers of my books know that I am a fervent fan of self-employment. My enthusiasm for the sector is hardly surprising. I have been my own boss for almost my entire working life. Only for a short spell in my early days of earning a living was I in paid employments. Those experiences soon convinced both the employers involved and myself that my temperament was not best suited to the role of employee!

    I am also a firm believer in an individual's right to the freedoms of thought, speech and action. As an employee, you are not always permitted to exercise these rights. What you must do in the work environment, your actions, will mostly be defined by your employer. You need to watch what you say and to whom. And even thoughts and beliefs can get you into hot water nowadays. A sad state of affairs not at all acceptable to any free spirit.

   The alternative therefore is to work for yourself – think freely, speak candidly and act in your own best interests. That is what 'The Secret World Of Self-Employment' is all about. But the book is not just another guide to the principles and practices of self-employment. It is quite different. Exceptional in fact. Why?

   There are two reasons - 

   * Successful enterprises are born in the imagination. It is there that ideas are conceived, then nurtured. They are brought into reality by action. Then everyone can see the business in operation and know what's going on. But they don't necessarily see all that's going on. Because much of what originates in the mind of an entrepreneur, stays in the mind of an entrepreneur. Their inner self houses their personal armoury of knowledge, ideas, strategies, tactics and tricks which they never share. It is in the minds of entrepreneurs that the secret world of self-employment exists. 

   * As an entrepreneur, I do not deal in theory. I am the original 'been there, seen it, done it' guy! I've been involved in a host of trade sectors, an encyclopedia of different enterprises and just about every self-employed situation imagineable - plus a good few more besides. I haven't just experienced the 'tricks of the trade', I originated many of them. It is these experiences which make up my secret world of self-employment.

     Now, for the first time, I reveal my dynamic ways of working. I show how to :

     * Finance your business for free!

     * Draw customers to you effortlessly!

     * Never pay for goods or services - ever!

     * Always profit on every single transaction - no exceptions!

     I show you how to prosper as your own boss and drive your enterprise into a different dimension altogether. Into a secret world of phenomenal achievement.

“Stand by to be blown away by Tom's astonishing revelations. Everyone will want to be self-employed after reading this!” - Martin Nuttal, MD, Caspro Enterprises, England.

 I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. 

Claim your special copy of 'The Secret World Of Self-Employment' by clicking on the image below.

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THE SECRET WORLD OF SELF-EMPLOYMENT  is an original copyright Tom Riach feature.
I hope you enjoyed this promotional article and found it to be of value.
To learn more please visit me on my Author Page.
See you there! Regards, Tom.

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  • Top Video Contributor

    The content of your book is 'stellar', thanks, Tom.  I cannot tell you how much that I can relate, and your entrepreneurial tips are priceless. 

  • Active Member

    I'm still reading the Book and I have to say it's amazing.  I'm learning quite a bit, not just about business though.  The insights shared in this book also can apply to life in general.  I know I will be referring to The Secret World of Self Employment often.  

    If you win this Book you will have something valuable to add to your library.  However, if you don't win it I would definetly suggest you buy it. 

    • Top Blogger this week

      Hi Robin, I'm delighted to hear that you are appreciating the many aspects of my book, that is what's intended and is how I like to write. As you have already made the purchase I'll see that you receive one of my other titles should you be successful in the draw.

    • Active Member

      Thank you Tom, that's very generous of you.  I wouldn't know which to pick but if I did, it would be "Self-Improvement Should Be Fun". 

      Terri always speaks very highly of you and your work and she's right.  I loved the Book it's more than just about Self Employment it's about Self Evaluation.  Your stories are interesting, and entertaining but with a valuable lesson in each one.  The Power Points are awesome.  

      I've also bought "The Simpelest Sales Strategy". You're an extremely talented Writer, it was hard to put the Book down.   


    • Top Blogger this week

      Thank you again Robin, you are very kind. I believe you will find that 'The Simplest Sales Strategy' complements 'Secret World ... ' admirably. Together they are a small business owner's treasure chest - so I've been told! So, thank you for your support, I'll be delighted to gift you a copy of 'Self-Improvement ... Fun!' Two things though - First, do you want Paperback or EBook? I'll need a physical address for Paperback or EMail for EBook. Second, can you wait a bit for delivery? The book is currently being updated (this may include a title change), either way, as soon as it's ready I'll send you your copy. I'm sending a copy of this message to your IBO mailbox. It will include my email address to send your address details to. Wishing you a fun and fabulous weekend, Tom.

    • Active Member

      Thank you so much Tom!  I will send you those details and no problems and I will be happy to get it, when I get it.  I agree your Books a business owner's treasure chest. 

    • Active Member

      I do Tom.  You speak like you're in the room and I have identified several areas where I can improve.  And there is great advice in there on how to do it.  I would love to get one of your other titles.  But buying them is still a great investment. 

    • Top Blogger this week

      As a satisfied buyer Robin I'll be happy to send you another book, perhaps my novel? Paperback or ebook? Either way let me have an address. PS Very busy right now, might be a week or two.

    • Top Member

      Hello Robin if you haven't done so already, can you leave a comment on the SE fan page about the post and the book as well. 

    • Active Member

      Hello Terri, I already did and I shared it too.  I will Tag people later on tonight. 

This reply was deleted.

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