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Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?

Joseph Tom Riach – Author of successful living books and mystery novels, vivid views of life and business

by Joseph Tom Riach
Motivational Mystery Novel    Of The Year! 


     Close your eyes. Imagine a hot summer day. You are lazing stretched out on golden sands by a turquoise sea. The breeze off the water caresses your skin with cool abandon. You draw another sip of chilled wine from your glass, take in the intoxicating tranquility of the scene around you – then reach for the book you put down only moments before. 

     In truth it had been hard to put it aside; even to savour the wine and relax ever more into your surroundings. No worry, the novel is back in your hands. You hurry to return to its gripping dialogue. You pick up the tale easily, entranced as you have been since turning the first page.
    Already you know that those who recommended the read in no way misled you. Their enthusiasm has proved to be totally justified. You recall how you hesitated making the purchase, be it only briefly, until their words resonated with you - 
     "I love it! I love it! Exceptional read. I could not put the book down." - Micky Gramlin
    "Yes, the story contains mystery, mayhem, motivation and mirth. It is presented in such a way that you won't want to put it down. The lessons it teaches are worth more than gold!" - Dennis Thorgesen 
    "I love 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' It is awesome. Tom is a great writer and I recommend it highly." - Terri Pattio 
    "Dickens and Puzo watch out!" - George Pierce
Yes, 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?'  is indeed the perfect read for those long hot lazy days of summer!


     It is a fascinating, often funny, sometimes brutal,  yet profoundly uplifting mystery novel from the pen of established author Joseph 'Tom' Riach. It tells the tale of four men, apparent strangers to each other, but who share a common destiny. What is the secret that binds them? 

- Who is the young hopeful venturing unannounced to an obscure destination in search of an unknown saviour and a new beginning? 

– Who is the accomplished author reflecting on a life well lived and the love and serenity of spirit he has earned through it? 

- Who is the mysterious wine-maker Josmas, assuredly dispensing philanthropic wisdom in his remote French château? 

- And what will become of little Tommy, the tormented boy with a single-minded ambition, growing up in simmering rage and solitude? 

Where will their paths cross? How will the mystery unravel?

     This is a saga of true grit, revenge and redemption - with a cast of characters straight from Dickens and a finale fit for The Godfather. Too Early For A Glass Of Wine? is both fanciful yet unnervinglyly real; it builds to a savagely inspiring climax as thought-provocative as it is startlingly unexpected.




But be quick, this fabulous give-away ends soon!

     Do you like good mystery fiction? If so - "Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?" will keep you guessing to the end. There's romance, there's violence, there's humour - there's a story of courage and determination. It is sure to see you still riveted to the pages long after you should have put the light out for the night!

     And if you are an entrepreneur, marketer or salesperson you'll find more exclusive revelations about how to advance yourself and your enterprise woven into the plot of "Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?" than you'll encounter in a year of reading most top business or self-improvement books.

I am Tom Riach. I live and write in the sunny south of Portugal. Claim your special copy of 'Too Early For A Glass Of Wine?' - by clicking on the image below. 


TOO EARLY FOR A GLASS OF WINE?  is an original copyright Tom Riach feature. I hope you enjoyed this promotional article and found it to be of value. To learn more please visit me on my Author Page. See you there! Regards, Tom.


 © Copyright Joseph T.Riach 1998-present. All rights reserved.
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