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12312336101?profile=RESIZE_584xHi Everone!  I am George Pierce, this post is part five of how to make money online fast with Clickbank.  You are about to see a different approach to choosing an affiliate on CB.  What is different is that we will be looking at CB from a newbie perspective.  This means that our focus will be more on what kind of resources are available.  Some sellers on CB provide us with resources such as images, videos, ads, emails, and more. The resources not only help to make our job easier, but they are also professional, giving a newbie a real boost.  

Joining CB is free, and, even if you are brand new, CB should approve your application.  Once accepted, you are automatically approved as an affiliate with MOST CB sellers, so you can start your affiliate marketing journey right away.  Once you join CB, log in and click on MARKET PLACE.


Type 'weight loss' into the search box, then sort results by Gravity High-Low.  At the time of this post, the snapshot above is a sample of what you will see. Gravity is an indicator of how well a product is selling, specifically in the last 12 weeks.  Some say to avoid high gravity due to competition, some say gravity does not matter, in my opinion, they are WRONG!  As an affiliate marketer, especially as a newbie, affiliating with products that are selling makes a lot more sense than shying away from them.  As far as competition, Keyword Explorer, a free tool from TubeBuddy will help you to level the playing field. For help and information about Keyword Explorer and balancing keywords, keyword strength, and competition, visit part one.

High gravity means that people are buying this product right now, so it is worth investigating.  We are going to give most of our attention to the resources that are provided, BUT, I suggest that you visit the sales page first.  To visit the sales page, click on the seller's name.  If you like what you see, if you get a good vibe, if you think others will be interested, then click on Affiliate Page. Even if you are brand new, if your gut instinct says no... listen, and go on to the next seller.  

Live Pur is at the top of the list, a gravity over 100 is outstanding, and presently Liv Pur's gravity is over 400! it is selling!  Let us click on the Affiliate Page.  


What you see above is a snapshot of what Liv Pur provides to help us send traffic to their site.  When we click on the above elements, we find a wealth of short videos and some images.   Videos are going to be our main source of free traffic, but I would like to have seen more, such as ads and emails.

Allow me to share that some of the more recent discoveries regarding weight gain are the actual root causes of weight gain.  Examples are stress, not enough sleep, Brown Adipose Tissue, and toxicity.  Liv Pur eliminates toxicity.  What science is learning is that weight loss is often a losng battle for most people due to an underlying cause such as toxicity.  Eliminate the root cause and suddenly weight gain is reversed!  

The following is an example of what Liv Pur provides.  

Above is one of the many videos that Liv Pur has created.  These are videos that we can use on YT,  TikTok, social media and so on to drive traffic to our site.  We can also use them on our site.  The videos are 9:16 and under one minute, which means they will work as a YT short, as well as TikTok, FB reels, and so on. 

Since Liv Pur is a bit weak on ads, here is a tip that will help...

Want UNSTOPPABLE Weight Loss?  Click Here!  

Of course, link the text to your squeeze page with a gift (incentive) and then on to your affiliate such as Liv Pur.  

The next seller is Ikaria Lean Belly Juice.  The product just about sells itself, and the seller has provided affiliates with an arsenal of help including emails, ads, videos, demographics, and more.  It is about to be Christmas for newbies at CB!

In my next post, you will see how a CB seller, such as Ikaria, can turn newbies into pros, and even if you are experienced, I believe you will find some eye-opening ways to help you make money with CB.   

Thank you for reading.  

Much success,

George Pierce

PS. Please join SE so that SE can let you know when the next post is published and visit my YT channel for free Internet Marketer Training.


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    Much power in this part of your training series George Pierce and a great teacher too. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Resources are not meant as an easy way out, but rather a way for newbies to be able to get professionally prepared help, thank you, Terri. 

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