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Why Making Money Online is ALMOST a SCAM


Hi ALL! I am George Pierce.  In this post, I will be sharing some good news and some bad news about Making Money Online.  Making Money Online is not a SCAM, however, there are a few negatives that you want to be aware of.  I intend to empower you.  

As a wannabe online entrepreneur, you become a TARGET!  When you are new, speaking for myself, at least, I was CLUELESS!  When you are a "Target". people want to sell you stuff, stuff you need, stuff you have to have to get started, and when you are "Clueless", you are an even bigger target, since you cannot tell what is good from what is bad.  

In addition, the make-money-online websites that you are going to be served up by the search engines are often managed by experts!  They are highly skilled at what they do, which is getting your money.  The YouTube channels that the search engines will provide you with are by Influencers.  They are also skilled at what they do, and this is also getting your money.  

If everything that these sites and channels offered, worked, no problem.  Unfortunately, not everything that they offer you, does work.  Based on my personal experience, about one in nine website opportunities are worthy of your time and money.  This means that about eight out of nine are not.  On YY, about one in twenty-five have value, and that is down from one in twenty. 


How do you protect yourself?  

I wish it were as simple as handing you an umbrella to keep you out of the rain.  When you are new, it is difficult to make good choices, and these experts make it even more difficult.  

There are a couple of tips that may help.  

Do NOT act immediately!  Take time to review, take time to research, or investigate any online offer.  In fact, the more irresistible it may seem, the more reason you need to take your time.  When you research or investigate your offer, Google the company, Google the owners or principals of the company.  Type into your search box the name and add a word such as 'complaints' or 'scams'.  There can be a flaw with this kind of search.  Sometimes, you will find a few negatives that are not negatives???  You may find that a competitor or two has given a bad review to switch you to their product.  

Your GUT Feeling!  On occasion, your gut will tell you that something seems wrong with a make money online offer, and you may not be able to figure out why, I suggest that you listen to your gut.  

FREE!  I am an advocate of getting started online for free.  Hmmm!??  I cannot sell you anything, however, when I preach free, free is simply good business advice.  Spending money that your new online business does not have, is NOT in your best interest.  The reason is that all the things that you "need", are available for FREE.  



PROOF!  Unfortunately 'proof' is no longer reliable. Proof of income or proof that something works is easily generated so what you are being shown may not be true.  Even when proof of income is real, most big dogs are operating at 'break-even'.  It may cost them a million to make a million.  FYI, why that is OK, is because of the 'list' that they can grow,  The money is literally in the list.  

Above is an example of one of my online ventures.  What you are seeing is all free, all the resources, all the training, all the   You are looking at an example of an adaptation of mine to a strategy called Faceless Video Marketing.  It is a way to make money on YouTube without making videos or spending any money.  The right image above was from 12-12-23, and the left is from 12-21-23.  The channel is two months old and it is beginning to gain momentum.

The channel is Mr. P's Game Show Fans,  you are welcome to visit and to see that it is real.  I am sharing what I do, and doing what I share,

If you are interested in making money online, I invite you to watch my Faceless Video Training.  My adaptation is a three-step approach that anyone can follow and there is zero cost, and all the resources that I share are free.   No catch.  

Thank you for reading.

Much success,

George Pierce

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  • Top Commentor

    Very well said George. You are so right. Once again, you come through with great value!

  • Top Member

    Lots of great information, advice and tips. Newbies should take heed. You speak the truth and keeping it real. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      I see too many talented people quit, often due to an offer that over-promised or did not work at all, thank you, Terri.

    • Top Member

      That's the truth. Your post will be an eye opener for many people so they will learn from it.

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