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Your Data Privacy and the Virtual World: How Do You Keep It Safe?

How the increase in customer data collection is impacting how we engage with organizations online



The buying and selling of customer data is hardly a new practice, and data protection is rarely made a priority. Even before the age of the internet,  mailing list were being exchanged to help companies extend their prospective reaches. With few boundaries between our virtual world and our privacy, accessing someone’s personal information has become even easier. The variety of ways a company may or may not guard your information is vital to how you choose to interact with them and who you can decide to trust.


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Orginally posted by the IDX website. 


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    Nise one Terri. As a lifelong believer in the free world - with which goes the right to privacy - I am by default opposed to rampant online information harvesting. This article gives good guidance as to how to preserve from prying eyes as much, or as little, of your personal information as you wish.

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