How to be professional when you promote yourself?

3860385344?profile=RESIZE_710xI know that many people wish to get success online. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, author, musician or motivational speaker, you want to promote yourself, get noticed by many people and sell your work.
The path to success is filled with thorns. People might ignore you, mock you, laugh at you, but you hold ahead up and mind your business. I know many successful people were bullied and abused and they got used to the bad treatment.
The point is, you wish that people get you serious. I am not famous, but I met many arrogant people who think that they are celebrities and they wish that others crawl when they appear.
Here I am talking about mistakes which arrogant people do when they promote themselves.
I got the next message. “Hello, I am an author and I need likes on my page. You might like my book and your friends should like it too. Maybe you purchase it.” So, this is a manifestation of egoism and narcissism, without asking how he can help me, what he offers for return if he gets help. I am a little pawn who should run when he whistles.
Of course, I blocked that person. I wish him luck with others, even I doubt his success.
Here is a list of failures that people do in their promotion:
Brag only about their work even they did not say hello to you.
Try to flirt with you, don’t get you serious when you talk about your work. If you are a woman, they might try to make compliments to your appearance but your books are not interesting to them.
They make promises to give you a review or share but this never happens.
They talk with you from heights. “Listen, honey, you should not do this. ” “You need to read other’s work. “
Spam your page with their links. Don’t do this unless I allow promotion on my page.
Start to insult others and report your work. This is under every level and it makes you an amateur.
Ask money for so-called donations. I can’t know who are you, are you really sick or you just beggaring around.
What I learned. Don’t push people, give them choice and cooperate. First, make a connection with people, then ask something from them. If you collaborate with me, if I trust you, I will buy your book and share your work, because we are partners. If you ignore me, underestimate me or don’t get me serious, you are invisible to me.
Remember, you could learn something from different people if you listen carefully. You can pick your cooperators and make your circle.
It takes time and patience, but don’t stand too long with the wrong people because they might slow your progress. Even the best friend who wants the same thing as you might betray you.
Once when people became successful they change their priorities. Find a person who is in the same movie, so that person will support you. If your interests are different don’t waste your time.
Don’t pity anyone it might be dangerous. Remember the Latin singer Selena who was killed by a jealous woman Yolanda.
People could kill for success so aware of it.
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My name is Kristina Gallo and I am a Croatian blogger and indie author. I published 8 short books on Amazon.

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  • Top Commentor

    Excellent points Kristina.  I really don't like it when people just ask you to do something for them without even saying hello.  That type of behavior will turn a person off real fast.  And they won't even bother to learn more about you or your products. 

  • Top Member

    Great article and I believe that relationships is the key to success online. This involves taking the time to get to know people. You treat people the way you wanted to be treated (with respect). Your thoughts and advice on this subject is on point. 

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