OH NO!  Advanced Analytics!  ARGHHH!


What you see above is a snapshot of my external traffic from advanced analytics, I apologize. I know that Analytics

and Advanced Analytics are not the most fun subjects, but  NING dot Com is Syndication Express.  

SE is ahead of ALL other sources.  

Take advantage of SE for traffic. 


IBOToolbox Traffic Tip



Allow me to share a little tip that can boost your IBOToolbox traffic.  Post a quote on the IBO Wall, humorous quotes

seem to work best and follow the quote with the link to wherever you wish to send your visitors.  IBO is a website for

Independent Business Owners and aspiring netpreneurs, so links to related content for that audience should work best.


Google Search is a fringe benefit of SEO, so pay attention to keywords, tags, etc. and Google will reward you.


Weblet dot me !????   is a selling site and I have no idea how I am getting traffic from this site...I should know, of course, 

but I do not.  


On the other hand, Easy Hits 4 U always amazes me.  I invested about a half-hour or so this month at EasyHits4U, that is all. 

I am not a paid member, so the above traffic from this site is all 'earned'.  


This is what I do...SHHHH!


I open the site along with several other windows.  As I work on other stuff, I intermittently surf (earn credits) and use

those credits to generate traffic.  As you see, it works.   

EasyHits4U is free, click here to join.

I am a member of several other sites that are similar and  EasyHits4U always rises to the top.


Allow me to share an example to help you to see the power of these simple tips.

Funny Quote:

People said to follow your dreams, so I went back to bed.  Click Here.


Are you drawn to click here?  Try these tips, they do work.


Thanks for reading, my friends.

Much success,

George Pierce



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  • Top Commentor

    Awesome insight George! Thank you for sharing. 


  • Thank you, George, for sharing your insights... SyndicationExpress is a wonderful resource!

    • Top Video Contributor

      Hi and thank you, Lonnie.  SE continues to be an excellent traffic source.  Too bad the IBO is not still around. 

    • Top Member

      SE continues on since IBO is gone. All IBOers can bring their press releases here. 

  • Top Member

    Linda Michel White you should check this article out. Great testimony from George.

  • Top Commentor

    I'm always impressed with your work, insights and quietly authoratative delivery George. Yes, I learned new stuff today - thank you.

  • Top Member

    Fantastic information on traffic sources and happy to know Syndication Express is at the top for you. Great tips for IBOers as well. 

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