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Generating Leads with Your Lead Magnet

Generating leads is the first priority with your online business, but it’s important that you understand how to invest your time wisely as you get started. You can’t just start with a bunch of methods to get leads otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed rather quickly and you’ll find that you can’t keep up. What is the best way to start acquiring leads for your business?

It really all depends on what you are most passionate about. If you have been studying how to set up your online business you probably have a method you have been researching for a while to see what you think. Those that enjoy using social media tend to lean towards social media for their primary marketing method. These are the folks that tend to enjoy interacting with people most and getting to know more about their audience.

Those folks that want to take a quieter approach and have more funds to work with tend to lean towards paid marketing with AdWords, Craigslist and other paid methods like Bing Ads or even banner ads. You just might discover that your preferred method for generating leads has more to do with your personality than you think. However, it’s important as a marketer that you create a lead magnet to help you attract more leads to your website or blog, and I am going to give you some easy and inexpensive ideas on how to do this.

Generating Leads with a Free Lead Magnet

One of my favorite ways to start generating leads is with a lead magnet. This simply means that not only are you drawing attention to something you are offering, but you are doing so for free. This means it costs you nothing or very little and it doesn’t cost the customer anything either. This is purely about generating interest which in turn generates leads for you.

Think about how many websites you have been on and how many ads you get bombarded with on a daily basis. You probably feel as though you have severe information overload right? I can’t say I enjoy all of that. I like to surf the web when I look for information without being stopped by another blinking ad that appears to be studded in glowing, neon lights!

Getting leads means that you offer something of value upfront. A few ideas that I like and always recommend including:

  • Free newsletter-You can let your readers know more about you and how you can help them. Always make it about your readers!
  • Free downloadable PDF that is a resource guide-Depending upon who your target audience is, this could be a resource guide about lead generation. Maybe you want to teach others how to start an online business too. Maybe you want to teach others about nutrition to sell a nutritional product. Give them information!
  • Giveaway a product-Depending on the type of business you have started this could be easy but it could also be costly. For online marketers you can do a quick training audio that people can download. It could be about how to get leads! It could also be about how to be more attractive on social media and engage more with your audience. There are tons of possibilities, but it will take time for you to figure it out.

Now do you see how this works? Can you see why lead generation is so important? Ultimately, it’s all about getting to know your audience, and in the process you’ll give ‘em what they want. Don’t be afraid to try to new things as you go along. Remember, it’s all about cultivating interest and it’s about getting to know people.

I hope that you found some great value in this lesson today, and that you’ll check back often for more help with your business. Before you can blink an eye, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to start generating leads easier and faster than you ever imagined! 

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Learning economic empowerment is also a key part of what you can get when you participate in programs with the Wounded Warrior Project. It’s important that you not only learn how to get back on your feet physically, mentally, and emotionally, but dealing with finances is the last thing you’ll want to do. This is why the organization has created so many programs and why going through them step-by-step is important.

The idea behind these programs is to not only help rehabilitate service members and veterans but to get them all back to a place where they can live in peace, harmony and care for themselves. There is no reason that these men and women that serve our country should ever be without work once they retire, nor should they ever face being unemployed. They have families to care for as well.

This is why part of the economic empowerment program with Wounded Warrior Project offers higher education classes, training in information technology, employment assistance and more to encourage financial stability for these men and women and their families.

Wounded Warrior Project Offers Track Program

The Track Program is one of the first offerings I want to share with you so that you get the bigger picture of what is happening within the Wounded Warrior Project and why it’s so vital to our men and women. Track is actually an education center with two locations. One is in Jacksonville, Florida and the other is located in San Antonio, Texas.

The program is a year long and is designed to help you:

  • Meet educational goals
  • Meet health and wellness goals
  • Focus on mental health
  • Career development

Upon entering the program students are put into teams which helps to keep service members and veterans connected as they were when they first entered the military. Regardless of what you faced in the past those that you work with while in the TRACK program are committed to helping you not only get further but to become more, and to help you do more for as long as you are in the program.

The question that you may have is whether or not this is the right program for you. There are some questions that we ask veterans and service members to help them determine this.

Questions the Wounded Warrior Project Asks Before You Enter the Track Program

While you may be wondering if the TRACK program is right for you there are some questions that Wounded Warrior asks to ensure that you are including:

  • Do you wish to begin or continue your education?
  • Do you wish to improve and work on your health and wellness?
  • Are you ready to learn more about how combat injuries affect your life now and in the future?
  • Are you focused on learning how to find positive ways to deal with your challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility to create your new life?
  • Are you willing to relocate for at least one year to Jacksonville, Florida or San Antonio, Texas to get your life on track with this program?

It’s well worth it to have the support you need. While you may not be certain if this is right for you so many have come out of this program ahead and with more stability. I would encourage you today to learn more about what Wounded Warrior Project has to offer and how they can help you get your life back.



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Becoming Debt Free Nice and Easy!

It has been said that becoming debt free isn’t all that easy, but what I am finding out is that the steps you need to take really are that easy. The hard part is really just doing it. You know, sort of like sitting down to just write when you are writing a book but you just keep putting it off.

What matters most when it comes to debt is that you can take an honest look at yourself, be real with yourself about where you are and then make your move to a better life by taking the first step. So, what is that first step and what comes later?

While the first step may be pulling that credit report, keep in mind that you also need to make sure that you take a good look at how much you eat out and how you are spending the money you do have. Today, I want to share with you some simple steps to becoming debt free, and yes the steps are nice and easy and will help you make progress starting NOW!

Becoming Debt Free with More Simple Steps

Once you get real with yourself about how much you are spending and who you owe money to, you can come up with a real payment plan. This is important because you need to recognize where you are to figure out where you are going. How much are you spending? That is a great question.

Target a specific debt. Becoming debt free is often a challenge until you start paying down that highest interest debt first. Once you do, things get a bit easier and you get lower payments over time. It works, trust me!

You should also consider the following steps like:

  1. Consolidating debt with a small loan if you can or a balance transfer but only if it’s zero percent interest!
  2. While it seems unfavorable you could certainly settle your balances-just ask if they plan to send you a 1099 and consider it income
  3. You can also try credit counseling to help you get your interest rates cut in half if not more
  4. While I don’t encourage filing for bankruptcy it has been a saving grace for those with extensive medical problems that cannot work and get no assistance
  5. Last but certainly not least, attempt to pay cash for everything!

It’s so important that you start at the beginning and do what you can to pay down and pay off debt. You’ll be so glad you did work on that high interest debt when you are able to pay debt down and pay it off!

Becoming Debt Free is Rewarding

Don’t ever doubt that getting rid of debt is a key to a peaceful life. You’ll understand that down the road when you finally get rid of it all. It’s important that you break through and get rid of any debt you have right now so that you can get it off of your shoulders and breathe.

It has been said that being in debt is like being a slave. It is until you pay it off. Creditors tell you what you have to pay because they tell you what you owe and that is the end of it. Don’t let this happen to you. You can get out from under it if you play your cards right and follow the steps above.

I hope that you found these steps to becoming debt free helpful, and that you’ll rise above what others tell you just isn’t possible. 

If you have found this to be helpful share with others.


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Among the amazing programs at the Wounded Warrior Project is the Transition Training Academy. This is yet another program that is designed to help veterans get prepared for a new career path as they change into their new lives once they return from combat. It is not so simple for all veterans making that transition into the civilian workforce, but that is why the programs truly exist.

This particular program is available for helping veterans seek more information about information technology as a possible career choice. The best part about this program is not only that it is focused on a career choice but it’s also designed to offer plenty of hands on training for the veterans with their instructors.

Learning-by-doing is a great way for veterans to transition into something that for them is such an unknown. Many veterans come back from combat not certain of what life will be like for them and they feel a bit out of their element. This is why Wounded Warrior Project is here to help service members and veterans get the support they need along with their family members to resume life as normal as possible.

How Wounded Warrior Project Uses Transition Training Academy to Heal

While it may not seem possible there is plenty of truth to the fact that the Transition Training Academy has healing properties to it. Because the model is a “high touch” engagement learning experience, those veterans that struggle with TBI or PTSD.

The classes are offered for free by Wounded Warrior Project to the men and women that have served our country, as well as spouses and caregivers too. There are several sites for this available in the United States and outside of the country including:

  • Baumholder, Germany
  • Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Camp Pendleton, MCS, California
  • Fort Belvoir, Fairfax, Virginia
  • Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • And many more

There are many sites available to help as many warriors as possible and their families so that the transition into a new life is easier and guided by those that understand and have special training.

It’s amazing that something so wonderful exists, and if I were just now coming back from combat I know that I would find it useful and a comfort to know that so many people do really care about those men and women that serve our country.

Partners that Connected with Wounded Warrior Project

Now that you know what the organization has to offer you and your family, you should also know that many partners have made this program possible. The Department of Labor, Veteran’s Employment and Training Service, Cisco, and the Office of Disability Employment Policy. When all of these amazing organizations partner with WWP, it makes it easier to serve the men and women that have so faithfully served us.

I hope that you fully understand just how much Wounded Warrior Project has to offer you as a service member or veteran, and that you’ll find respite once you return home. 

Share with others and lets get the word out. 


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7 Traits of Debt-Free People

If you want to learn how to live debt-free, it’s important to study these 7 traits of debt-free people. I am sure that you know two families that are somewhat similar in terms of what they earn and where they live but one of them seems to always struggle financially. What is the difference between these two families? This signifies that there is a spending problem, and the problem is more than likely pretty severe.

It doesn’t really matter what form the debt is in, it needs to get under control before things get worse. Oftentimes those that have skyrocketing debt issues find that the only way they can ever get ahead is to take drastic measures. This means that they sell off nearly everything they own, get second and third jobs, or even file a bankruptcy.

There is a better way to live and it isn’t an overnight fix either. If you want to turn the ship around it is possible, but it also means that you’ll need to learn these 7 traits of debt-free people so that you can change the way you live and work without spending more and putting yourself further into debt.

Regarding the 7 Traits of Debt-Free People

While you may think that these 7 traits of debt-free people won’t apply to you think again. You can acquire these same traits if you work at it diligently.

  1. Be wise. If you are financially wise you understand that debt isn’t a tool or asset to you at all. Getting rid of it for good is the best approach, so treat it like a fungus!
  2. Be patient. Patience is a virtue right? If you really want to become debt-free then walk past that dress or pair of shoes that you’ve been eyeballing for the last two months. You don’t need it. If it can wait, let it wait and focus on paying off or paying down your debt.
  3. Be confident. When it comes to taking these all important steps others may criticize you. Who cares? If you know that you are doing what it takes to get debt free there isn’t any need for you to care about what others think. They won’t be able to live the life you live because they will be paying on debts that they could’ve paid off long ago.
  4. Be goal-driven. One of the most important of the 7 traits of debt-free people is to be goal-driven. This is more than about setting goals, but this is about doing whatever it takes to achieve those goals. If you don’t have a map to plan out how you are going to achieve these goals you’ll struggle.
  5. Be responsible. If you want to be responsible then consider how you treat money. Do you treat it like you did as a teenager? Did you spend just because you could? This is the time to be mature about what you are doing and why. Be responsible.
  6. Don’t focus on material things. If you focus on material things, all you will do is spend and see if you can outspend others. Do you constantly think about something that others have that you don’t have? If so, chances are you are too materialistic. Focus on what matters most in life.
  7. Be willing to sacrifice. If you are willing to do without to make something happen, then do without. How often do you eat out? If you even eat out once a week, make it a point not to. If you eat out twice a week, cut back to one day per week. You’ll start to see the difference which could very well motivate you to not eat out at all!

I hope that you found this article helpful and hopefully it encourages you to focus on looking for more ways that you can make changes. My wish is that you can get out of debt now and forever so that you can live the life you imagined.

When it doubt refer back to these “7 traits of debt-free people”, and be sure to share this with your friends and family if they are struggling too! 


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Back in 2010, there was a lot of debate about whether or not Veterans Affairs should pay out disability benefits for PTSD. Once the decision was made to bring our men and women home from Iraq and Afghanistan there were several men and women that were suffering from PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The biggest concern was how much it would cost overall or the long term. This included not only medications but this was concerning counseling, therapy, and the affects that it would have on family members of these veterans as well. The question most veterans were asking is, “Why benefits would not be paid out for those that suffered as a result of combat?”

It is quite common for combat to have this type of effect on those that serve in the armed forces, and it’s sad that our government would in no way see why it should help those that serve our country to overcome conditions that are directly related to their time in service. In 2010, there were debates already starting regarding Veterans Affairs and how they were treating these cases.

Did Veterans Affairs Attempt to Shun Those with PTSD?

Naturally, most issues that government deals with are subject the cost long term which determines whether or not they will actually contribute. There isn’t a better way to describe how they assess what they choose to pay for or avoid.

There was a big debate in 2010 regarding whether or not veterans needed to document the events of the time spent in combat as well as the events that they believe would have contributed to the PTSD itself. Proof to show that you served in a war zone? What if your PTSD means that you have blocked it out? What if you don’t recall where you were due to repressed memories?

There were many debates about these very issues and whether or not the very idea was viable enough for veterans to say that they deserve the coverage. How could veterans NOT deserve coverage for any issue related to combat? Each individual handles things differently but there have been many warriors that have returned with PTSD.

Tons of research has been done on PTSD, and now the question is whether not the government is justified in how they have handled these men and women to determine if they should get benefits. It’s imperative that people understand this condition, what it is and how it affects their families as well.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a moral obligation to care for veterans don’t you think?

Veterans Affairs Needs to Support Disabled Veterans Now

There is no doubt that disabled veterans are greatly affected by this condition and it’s something that just doesn’t go away. PTSD has been recognized as one of the hardest conditions to recover from. This is why our men and women cannot afford to go without treatment at all.

More and more veterans are coming home and filing disability claims. This is no surprise but many that suffer with PTSD often don’t recover quickly or without setbacks. Getting the proper screening is the first step and once you get that you can speak with Veterans Affairs about getting the help you need and deserve.

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New to Veterans Affairs? Learn More Here!

Chances are you found this article here because you were searching for more information online about Veterans Affairs. Whether or not you already know the history probably doesn’t matter at this point. One of the first things you should hear is “Welcome to Veterans Affairs”. If you didn’t, let me be the first to say it!

I realize that while you are new to this and things are changing in your life, there isn’t anything to be afraid of. You have served our country well and now it’s time for us to take care of you. I can remember the day I retired from the military and feeling as though I was in limbo. It’s a whole new world when it comes to a screeching halt!

However, that doesn’t mean that your life won’t be fulfilling or that you’ll lose your passion for serving your country. Even if you are a disabled veteran you have the chance to spread hope to so many even if you don’t feel that way right now. However, I am going to share with you some basic information about Veterans Affairs, and how you can get plugged in easily and stress free!

Your Introduction to Veteran’s Affairs

One of the ways that you can learn more about Veteran’s Affairs is by looking for information online. The website, www.va.gov is the best place to start to learn more about what the department is for and how it functions. Naturally, the department is to serve veterans and their families.

However, most veterans that are new to the system don’t know how big of a help this department can really be. You’ll find a ton of information on:

  1.      Benefits and services available
  2.      Eligibility for VA benefits
  3.      How to apply for VA benefits
  4.      Pre-discharge programs
  5.      How you can apply at local offices
  6.      How the Veterans Administration is structured in order to help you best

It’s not always easy, but it’s a great start to at least know what you can find through the website and what you can expect in terms of benefits and more. Whether you are currently active duty, a surviving spouse or dependent child there is help for you here online and offline.

Benefit information is generally where most veterans start because they are now starting their new life and need to fully understand how they can get medical care as well as how they can receive their monthly pay.

Be sure to read through all of the sections on compensation, whether you were exposed to Agent Orange or anything related to that you’ll need to read carefully through what is required to get care. There are sections on each area that is covered, so be sure to focus on what makes you eligible for the coverage.

Other Things to Learn About the Veterans Affairss

Now that you have some idea of why veterans would need compensation and medical coverage, keep in mind there are several more concerns for our men and women.

These could refer to you now or maybe later including benefits for:

  • Education and training
  • Vocational rehab and employment
  • Home loans
  • Life insurance
  • Pension
  • Special groups

There are still many other areas in which you can get help and direction. I hope that this introduction to Veterans Affairs has given you some welcome relief in your mind so that you can get what you need to start your new life and get the coverage and benefits you need for your family. 

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