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Tired of spending and never earning?

Hi, dear Reader!

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Thanks for reading.

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What are you waiting for?



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Get rid off Morbus Crohn – Redox Signaling Molecules

Morbus Crohn and Redox Signaling Molecules. To understand something about Crohn’s Disease let’s first have a look at what Wikipedia is saying about it: In the second part we will talk about the significance of Redox Signaling Molecules and their effect on Crohn’s Disease.


Morbus Crohn and Redox Signaling Molecules

Morbus Crohn Benefits with Redox Signaling Molecules

“Crohn’s disease, also known as Crohn syndrome and regional enteritis, is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus, causing a wide variety of symptoms. It primarily causes abdominal pain, diarrhea (which may be bloody if inflammation is severe), vomiting, or weight loss, but may also cause complications outside the gastrointestinal tract such as anaemia, skin rashes, arthritis, inflammation of the eye, tiredness, and lack of concentration. Crohn’s disease is caused by interactions between environmental, immunological and bacterial factors in genetically susceptible individuals. This results in a chronic inflammatory disorder, in which the body’s immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract possibly directed at microbial antigens. While Crohn’s is an immune related disease, it does not appear to be an autoimmune disease (in that the immune system is not being triggered by the body itself). The exact underlying immune problem is not clear; however it may be an immune deficiency state.


There is a genetic association with Crohn’s disease, primarily with variations of the NOD2 gene and its protein, which senses bacterial cell walls. Siblings of affected individuals are at higher risk. Males and females are equally affected. Tobacco smokers are two times more likely to develop Crohn’s disease than non-smokers.


Crohn’s disease affects between 400,000 and 600,000 people in North America. Prevalence estimates for Northern Europe have ranged from 27–48 per 100,000. Crohn’s disease tends to present initially in the teens and twenties, with another peak incidence in the fifties to seventies, although the disease can occur at any age.


There is no known pharmaceutical or surgical cure for Crohn’s disease. Treatment options are restricted to controlling symptoms, maintaining remission, and preventing relapse. The disease was named after gastroenterologist Burrill Bernard Crohn, who, in 1932, together with two other colleagues at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, described a series of patients with inflammation of the terminal ileum, the area most commonly affected by the illness.”

Read the full article on Crohn’s Disease on Wikipedia


Wondering if there is a way to cure Crohn’s disease?

Read more here

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Freedom means Discipline

If you will not change nothing will change

In case you want that things will change for you, first of all you have to change yourself. When you would like to do something different in three, five or seven years you have to start today preparing and causing this change. Decide for yourself if you want to live in five or seven years the same life as today, see the same results, have the same respect or non-respect from people around you...


What do you want to do? You will not awake one morning and reading in the newspaper that you've been declared over night as an expert. A man is so much an expert as he creates this role himself. In case you desire that something will change, take some time on a daily base to dedicate the creation of your expert-status. Reserve this time to build up your expert-status.

Prepare yourself through further education. Pin your target audience. Look for ways on how to "drill" into it. Attract attention. Write articles...

When the circumstances should be better for you, first of all you have to become better.

Here a great tip to get an expert very quickly. Already write today a one page advertising that draws attention to you as an expert and your special service or product. This has a lot advantages:

1. You are forced to think about every benefit from the client's point of view.

2. You will be able to clearly concentrate on the essentials.

3. When you are writing down your ideas you might discover that you will not like your idea. Consequently there's time to change it without eventual losing money, unnecessarily time and energy.

4. The various steps to achieve your expert-status are much clearer in front of you and you can define your target much more precisely.

5. You realize how to best meet the needs of the customers and you will ask again and again what will bring them the most benefit.

6. The entire process of changing is greatly accelerated. You start immediately.

So, what you are doing in your life does not only depend on strict discipline but also on your dreams, goals, values and strategies.

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3818712626?profile=originalDetox Symptoms while drinking Redox Signaling Molecules is the follow up to my previous post where I explained the role of Oxidative Stress Mechanism within our body.


You now decided to nurture your body with redox signaling molecules as you understood that these reactive molecules will empower the body to heal itself.


Fine, you started with the recommended dose of 4 oz a day. And then happened something totally unexpected to you… You experience detoxification effects, although not everybody will  be involved with it.


What does this detoxification process or the detox symptoms mean?


You may find that the detoxifying process causes you to suffer the old symptoms. Symptoms you have had in the past and the body has suppressed.

You may think that you are becoming ill. Yes, “you may think”… Don’t worry, go ahead drinking your molecules rich water so that the detoxifying process can continue. Further more it is very important that you do not take any medications to help with the symptoms.

Purpose is to flush out chemicals form the body, not to introduce more.


A so called healing crisis occurs when the body tries to expel toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of.

Get more information

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Oxidative Stress Mechanism

3818712493?profile=originalOxidative Stress - Oxidative Stress Mechanism


Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals are without any doubt closely related to Redox Signaling Molecules. You may have been confronted with it in various conversations on the topic. We hear a lot talking about it, but do we completely understand their significance?


I love to give you a short overview of a complex topic. Chemically spoken, “Oxidation” is the process of removing electrons from an atom or molecule. A lack of one of their components may be destructive o toxic. We know this oxidation process from rusting iron. In our case, the responsible agent is oxygen, but it could also be another oxidizing agent like chlorine for example.


How can oxygen that we need to live be toxic? It is not the oxygen itself but the amount of it. The corrosive and toxic process starts when having a high concentration of it in our body. While burning food with oxygen we get energy. This means we combine digested food with oxygen from the air we breathe. Although this Is a controlled metabolic process it – unfortunately – creates toxic site elements like free radicals which are unstable molecules or atoms. On their attempt to achieve stability they withdraw electrons from any other molecules they find on their way. Acting like this they create on this track even more unstable molecules that consequently attack those which are adjacent to them. You may imagine this as domino-like chain reactions.


Over time the chain dissipates. But before doing so it has gone through vital components of the cells like a tornado, causing extensive damage, similar to that caused by ionizing radiation.

Continue reading....

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best anti aging supplement


When starting to write this post on “Anti Aging Supplement Slows Down Aging Process”, I stumbled upon an article by Pina LoGiudice ND, LAc and Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc
Directors of Inner Source Health under the title “ Anti Aging Miracle Supplement” published on January 25th, 2012 on Dr. Oz’ website.


Let me quote here the introduction :

“As naturopathic physicians, we always tell our patients that no one product in a bottle will, by itself, ever reverse the signs of aging. Healthy aging is a function of adequate water intake, eating healthy foods (eating “the colors of the rainbow” and limiting calories), not smoking, daily exercise, keeping positive relationships in your life, doing what you love, and avoiding environmental toxins.


The Naturopathic Pillars for Healthful Aging:

  • adequate water intake
  • eating healthy foods
  • limiting calories
  • not smoking
  • daily exercise
  • healthy relationships
  • doing things you love
  • avoiding toxins


While aging affects us all, how we age is different for everyone. In our practice, some of the most common aesthetic concerns tend to center around wrinkles, varicose veins, as well as weak and thinning hair.”

Nothing said against this. But what when there is a nutritional supplement not natural but native to the body that would help you to slow down the aging process?

What when the same product make you feel better on a daily basis and even increase your stamina and endurance?

Over all what when this product had been tested to make sure that it is both: safe and effective?

Well, in case it should happen to you to read any Asea review, you will realize that this is the product that you have been searching for.

Walking into any nutritional supplement of health food store you will find a lot of products that are all meant to make you look or feel better. Some really may support your ‘battle with age’.

But you will not find there any bottle like ASEA. For that you have to understand that we are living and dying on cellular level. And it is exactly here where ASEA acts.

It’s inside the body’s cells, within the mitochondria, where the two sets of reactive molecules are produced: One set attacks virus and bacteria (Immune System Communicator ) and the other one fight free radicals (Antioxidant Activator).

The body produces these reactive molecules by itself but when growing elder the production does not respond at the body’s necessity. As a result we see and feel the signs of age.

By supplementing ASEA the production of the antioxidants will increase by 500%.

Now you will understand how beneficial ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules are for your body. They simply bring your body back into a healthier and younger state. With ASEA you have found an anti aging supplement that slows down aging process.

Proof it for yourself by drinking ASEA and spraying it on your face or in your eyes.  Additionally practise the Pillars of Health and you will enjoy your re-gained energy, power and look.

Life young longer!

best anti aging supplement



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Bloggers Unique Content Writing

Article Writing Template - Bloggers Unique Content Writing



Unique content writing is the subsequent step soon after you have found the topic or even topics for your next post. Great. But what happens now?

As you will need to write an article for your website you make yourself comfortable in front of your Computer. You open a document and you will see a blank white page. You have to fill it with unique content! … Wonderful! … But there's no inspiration on how to start or what to write about the chosen item.

Your brain seems to be like this blank white page!

You may already have a vague concept of what to write about, but you might be nonetheless looking for the inspiration on how to structure the write-up.

Know what is referred to as this? It is called Writer’s Block. This really is nothing new and occurs to all of us, such as myself actually.

What if I tell you that there’s a cure against it?

Bloggers special content writing cure came to me through Jonathan Leger and his Jiffy Articles, promising to create quality niche articles in minutes.

This made me curious. So, I went into it, as I already know the high quality of Jon’s products. When it comes to creating a bunch of articles The Best Article Spinner is a software I won’t miss for my writing. Ok – this only as a side-word.

So, here's what you will get with JIFFY ARTICLES – Article Writing Templates.


1st of all, which actually really makes me happy, you have access to Jiffy Articles only through PayDotCom.

2nd, the structure of Jiffy Articles, article writing templates is really intuitive. No need to have to be an excellent technical guy or gal.


The article templates provide you with a wide range of themes embracing the most actual topics for your niche. For your unique and exclusive content writing you might use a theme with some adjustments for your topic or you are going to be inspired for your personal content.

The template guides you from the title through the different paragraphs down towards the end. Fantastic advantage: your article will be structured logically and your content writing is a step-by-step ongoing method. It can’t be easier like this.

Get the Writer’s Block Cure and Unique Content Writing support with Jiffy Articles.

Think of it: The best proof will be you own testimonial.


P.S. When you love this writing tool, you can sign up for the Jiffy Article affiliate program right now and secure your residual income already today.

P.P.S. Hope that my explanations have been of help for your decision. Feel free to let me know what your think.



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athletic performances - biker Gérard Louis RobertRedox signaling molecules (RSM) and their role in anti-aging is one aspect of ASEA but have you ever thought of RSM when it comes to athletic endurance and athletic performances?

“Endurance is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time.”

As an experienced athletic you are well aware of this and know about the importance of endurance while practising your sport like biking, swimming, mountain climbing… or whatever it may be what needs your athletic performances.

Get introduced on how to achieve this

by Aaron Murakami

Study finds that after drinking ASEA for one week, athletes experienced shift in 43 m

Salt Lake City, Utah -- ASEA, LLC announces the release of groundbreaking findings at the Experimental Biology 2012 Conference in San Diego of a new study from the Human Performance Laboratory showing increased power output and endurance among competitive athletes.

The study supervised by Dr. David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM at the Human Performance Laboratory, Appalachian State University, found that after drinking ASEA athletes experienced massive free-fatty acid mobilization in the blood PRIOR to exercise to a level normally found only after heavy exercise.

"These are very significant findings," said Nieman. "Our research demonstrated that ASEA is causing mobilization of free-fatty acids PRIOR to exercise, making this source of fuel available at the outset of exercise or competitive performance. This has important implications, especially regarding glycogen sparing, which is something every athlete tries to achieve." Glycogen sparing is the use of non-carbohydrates as a source of energy during exercise so that the depletion of muscle glycogen is delayed. When glycogen is spared the body burns fats for energy, making a greater contribution to an athlete's efforts during the initial stages of a race. This leaves more glycogen for the later stages of racing or exercise, and muscle fatigue will be delayed.

The research found that after drinking ASEA for one week, athletes were experiencing a shift in 43 metabolites.
"We have rarely seen such a drastic difference. For 43 of those signals to change, that is a quarter of the metabolite profile that we are monitoring. It is a huge bump in metabolite shifts that are due to the ingestion of just one product," said Nieman.
What do these metabolite shifts mean for athletes?

"Athletes actually started the exercise after drinking ASEA with a lot more of these free-fatty acids in their blood. The reason that is important is that the muscles will actually use that as fuel, sparing the muscle glycogen and the use of amino acids which is what we found as we analyzed the data," said Nieman.

"Every understanding from the literature is that these probably came from the fat stores in the abdominal area," said Nieman. "So if you drink ASEA we found that the fats go up in the blood. If you're not exercising, those fats will still be used to support the body's metabolism for life."

Simply drinking ASEA for seven days mobilized fuel stores in the body from abdominal fat. For those that want to burn more fat during exercise ASEA is ideal. Even without exercise the freed up fat stores will be used by the body as fuel.
Although this is the first laboratory study of ASEA on athletes, many endurance athletes have been drinking ASEA and noticing improvements in their race times, recovery after racing/training, etc.

James Lawrence, World Record, Most Triathlons 70.3 races, said, "I've experienced all these tremendous benefits over the last few years when I'm doing all these world records, and maybe didn't understand it, but was fearful to go off the product. With this new study it's really helped me understand why I don't get sore, and why I'm able to just lock in this strong pace and hold it for so long."

Cody Waite, professional Xterra triathlete, had this to say about Dr. Nieman's study. "My thoughts on the study are that I kind of already knew this through my own experience with the product. But at the same time it's great to have that solid evidence that laboratory test make official. That gives it that official stamp of approval from the scientists and then the stamp of approval from lead athletes."

Diana MacManus, three-time national swimming champion said, "With ASEA I've noticed that my times and my meets have improved significantly. Learning about the research behind ASEA boosts my confidence and reinforces what I already know." Typically, muscle glycogen is reduced in the body during a single or many groups of energy expenditures. For example, during a single sprint muscle glycogen may deplete by 25% to 30% of the resting levels. Similarly, at the end of longer durations (60 to 90 minutes) of high, moderate and low exercise muscle, glycogen will be dramatically reduced or depleted.

The study included 20 fit athletes in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-based, cross-over study. After baseline testing for VO2Max and body composition, one-half of the athletes drank four ounces of ASEA each day for seven days. The other one-half of the athletes drank four ounces of a placebo for seven days. Then all athletes completed a 75-km cycling trial, with blood drawn prior to the trial, immediately after the trial and one hour after the trial.

After a "washout" period in which none of the athletes drank ASEA or the placebo, a seven day cross-over study was conducted. The original ASEA group drank the placebo and the original placebo group drank ASEA for a seven day period. Then all athletes completed a second 75-km cycling trial, with blood drawn prior to the trial, immediately after the trial and one hour after the trial.

The research demonstrated that drinking ASEA taps into the body's largest energy reserves, freeing fatty acids from adipose tissue, BEFORE exercise or athletic competition.

"This unexpected mobilization of fatty acids in theory will lead to better endurance in athletes, assisting athletes to maintain a certain pace for longer periods of time," said Nieman.

The research found that the release of fatty acids is coming from fatty adipose tissue, the body's source of abundant, available energy. Adipose tissue is fat stored around the organs of the body, with the most common and largest fat store being the abdominal area. Adipose tissue triglycerides represent the largest energy reserve in the human body. Utilizing these stores is critical for prolonged endurance exercise.

The study also demonstrated that the athletes in the study experienced a massive increase in blood levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) after exercise. This could indicate less oxidative stress on muscles. Further research is being conducted to determine the implications of this increase.

"This study is the latest in ASEA's commitment to ongoing research. The frontiers of redox signaling molecules and ASEA are constantly being pushed. This latest study is not a destination, but an on-ramp," said Verdis Norton, Chief Executive Officer at ASEA.

ASEA and Redox Signaling Molecules

ASEA, with its Redox Signaling technology, is a powerful new drink that helps both competitive and recreational athletes step up their game to new levels of performance.

ASEA is the original and only Redox Signaling product available today. It provides the body with two perfectly balanced sets of reactive molecules -- the same molecules produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell of the body. These vitally important molecules support the production of the ATP energy that fuels our cells, help activate antioxidants, minimize cellular damage, enhance cellular communication, and speed the healing response -- all functions critical to athletic performance, endurance and recovery.

Redox Signaling is a burgeoning scientific field on a global scale with an impressive array of recent research advances. Only recently have ASEA scientists been able to produce stable mixtures of these Redox Signaling molecules outside living cells.


Athletic Reviews: Increased Athletic Performances, Athletic Endurance & Recovery

ASEA is used by these athletes to increase their competitive advantages. These athletes have all seen performance gains while drinking ASEA, especially quicker recovery times which allows them to get back to training sooner. [See ASEA Athlete Profiles for their stories.]

  • James Lawrence, Professional Ironman Tri-Athlete (Competing in 30 Ironman in 2012 to set record)
  • Rich Roll, Professional Ironman Tri-athlete and voted one of the fittest men in America
  • Andrés Castillo, Professional Ironman Tri-athlete
  • Adam Biel, Endurance Athlete competing to break Pan-American Cycling Speed record
  • Cody Waite, Off-road Extrerra Tri-Athlete Craig Stanton, Motorsports Race Car Driver
  • Danny Bopp, NASCAR Driver
  • Josh Horowitz, Wonderful Pistachios Cycling Team
  • Diana McManus, US Masters Swimmer
  • Ragga Ragnars, Olympic swimmer from Iceland


Human Performance Laboratory

The mission of the ASU/NCRC Human Performance Laboratory is to investigate the influence of unique plant molecules (e.g, flavonoids such as quercetin, luteolin, and epigallocatechin 3-gallate or EGCG) on age-related loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia), muscle mitochondrial biogenesis, and exercise-induced changes in immune function, oxidative stress, and inflammation. The Human Performance Laboratory is located at Appalachian State University North Carolina Research Campus and is affiliated with the North Carolina Research Institute which brings together eight universities as well as researchers at Dole, General Foods and Monsanto.

The Company and Product

ASEA, LLC is a Salt Lake City-based company whose flagship product, also called ASEA, is the world's first and only source of stable, balanced, native-to-the-body Redox Signaling molecules.

ASEA is sold in a 32-ounce bottle and an eight-ounce flexible pouch made from environmentally friendly materials. The 32-ounce bottle is made from a durable plastic. The eight-ounce flexible pouch fits easily into a backpack, pocket or in athletic gear. Both packages were created from input from competitive athletes and everyday ASEA consumers. The eight-ounce pouch includes a one-way valve to keep the pouch contents clean and pure.

Yes, it was a long reading for you, dear reader who is looking for more athletic endurance, but I hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far. Do you love success? Do you desire more athletic performance? Then start today to create your own success story on more athletic endurance and be another example of athletic performances.

You can purchase ASEA through the website of ASEA

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