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    If you can find people to pose for you count is as a blessing. No one locally likes to pose. The best pictures I have taken of people is when they are not expecting it. This is especially true with children. Living now on the great plains there aren't many scenic shots. Over a year ago now I created a sub domain website with pictures for a group of writer friends. Many of my photo's and a few who were willing to share have ended up there. I share links for those who are willing to share freely with others. 

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    Dennis I am a photographer too so I do know a great deal about posing (people and scenic shots is my specialty). I don't photograph animals or babies because they take up a lot of time and patience. I applaud you on your patience and I look forward to seeing more of your photos here.

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    Terri when you're working with animals you have to catch them in a pose you like. I spent two hours photographing the kittens and only have 5 pictures which are worth posting. I was able to use one of Crystal the dog, this was for Cindy Hamilton's animal contest. It was posted Oct 28, 2012 on The caption was "I hope your dog isn't as shy as this one." Not a single picture came out framed the way they should be. By framing I am talking about inside the photograph. 

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    How did you get that kitten to pose for you? A spontaneous pose, and a very cute kitten.

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