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A Cowboy, Veteran, and a Donkey All Meet on a Highway.(Punch Line)...


My husband had ran to the town down the road to pick up some auto parts and as he drove up the highway he noticed there was what looked like a homemade buggy pulled by a small donkey with an older man.

He continued to the auto place came out and the man and buggy were on the side of the road. He pulled around and got out of his truck to talk to the man. In the beginning, people were honking====>Read More

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    Congratulations Susan on your blog post being featured in the community. I will repost it on the Syndication Express blog for even more exposure so more people can read it too. Thank you for being a valued member in the community and sharing an awesome message.

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    Hi Terri,

    Thank you for reading and sharing and yes he does have a good heart, actually he does things like that a lot :) 

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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post and I believe what your husband did was a good deed. He listened to the man and did what's right. Sounds like has a good heart. God knows and the old man knows the truth. If he is scamming people, he will have to face God about it. Liked and shared for more people to read.

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