A New Journey - Taking the Plunge

I am on a new Journey and have just created a new business.  I am excited to plunge in and G-R-O-W. 

I started this new business two days ago and have designed a Blog (with 2 posts published) and a Face Book page for the company.  I named my new venture Inspired to Lead which is the link is to my blog.

Here is my Facebook Inspired To Lead page.  As I shared I started this just yesterday so I still need 8 people to 'like' my Facebook page.  If you like what you see; I'd sure appreciate a 'like' from you.

I am not yet sure how things work on this site.  I know we are supposed to link to each others websites ... right?  I haven't had the time to invest in studying this site .. perhaps someone could clue me in?  How do we go about linking each other up?

Thank YOU!


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  • tish, yes she's proven to be a woman of character and also a very successful entrepreneur who has led her team to success.  I'm blessed to have had her invite me.

    Thanks tish - your comments are so uplifting and filled with such encouragement.

    Blessing on YOU! 

  • Whoa, I wish you so much light and joy in your new business. I love what you said too on your other blog about your friend influencing you and grabbing your attention just by being her. This is a person who you know you can help lead you to so many positive things. Much Blessings to you!

  • Thank you Merle, I appreciate the shares - such a blessing! 

  • Great page Susan and I have shared around for you.

  • Thank you Carolyn and Terri,  I really really appreciate the support!  I'm excited and nervous and full of dreams and possibilities.  Susan

  • I wish you the best in your new journey!

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    Susan I wish you all the best in your new business. I have shared your post for more to see and will like your fan page.

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