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A Storm is coming are you ready

Good afternoon from California Quake City right now. Over the pass year we have experienced fires, more fires, tragic shooting at Borchard  and now earthquakes. It is pretty scary. Thousand Oaks, California has experienced unbelievable losses, many are still recovering. There are challenges in life, are you ready for the storms? Storm is defined as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow (Merriam-Webster). Lets break this down. All of us at one time or another, some right now are experiencing a storm. Perhaps a financial, health. death, divorce, just to name a few. But never the less a storm that has disrupted your atmosphere. The question becomes, can you survive the storm? 

Vivian Green said, " Life is not waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain." I love this quote. Our willingness to dance in the rain brings laughter, joy and a since of hope. It is easy to walk in fear, but, the challenge is, are you able to walk boldly though the storm?Did you know that some of us wait for storm after storm. We anticipate the worse in all things. Have you every encountered friends or family members that say, what if  every time you share something? For example,  you may want to fly out of the country and before you can share which country you are told, "I would not go there people are dying over there not a good idea," Or, " You decide to learn how to fly a commuter plane," Oh no they always fall out the air." Here's a good one, 'You are too old for that." I'm sure you can thinking of many. These little storms by ones mouth  leave your idea's in  limbo. Just remember, "Dance in the rain, its okay to get wet."

We must learn to deal with each storm separately, really dissect them. Some storms we don't have control over. But,  we can control how we react. Vincent van Gogh, "There is peace even in the storm." California was hit with a 7.1 earthquake that originated in Ridgecrest, California. My husband and I jumped up from the dinner table and stood under the door post. He immediately started praying covering family and friends. Of course this is really scary and I surely was not dancing in the rain. But, something came over me, I said out loud, "I refused to loose sleep over this, I have no control over the earth moaning and groaning with pain, I  shall have a restful night." Believe it or not I slept like a baby. I decided to dance in the rain." I hope going forward, when the storms come and they will, you decide to dance in the rain. Do you agree that the turmoil of a storm can be controlled? Go ahead a leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think.

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Carolyn Coleman Grady, RN BSN

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    Powerful Post Carolyn.  I like the Vivian Green Quote too.  I heard in the past and this Post brought it back to mind.  You have to learn to dance in the rain because there will always be rain your life.  Along with Sunshine.  Life is hills and valleys it's the lows that make the highs so good. 

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    Glad to hear you are all right Carolyn. The worse that happened to me was a broken nose in the Sylmar quake in '71. I was close to the Northridge quake, and the Big Bear quake. One thing I noticed is they all felt different. 

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    Yes, we are close to Ridgecrest and felt both big ones and the one last night 7/5 scared me more than the one on the 4th. I jumped up grabbed my little dog and stood next to the outside wall as we rocked and rolled.  Lots of aftershocks.  If something is supposed to happen to me it will if not God will be watching out.

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    Hello Carolyn it's great to see you here and I can relate to what happened to you. As you know I experienced this same kind of devastation. However I survived by the grace of God. I am forever grateful because he took care of us doing this time. I pray that you will be well now and in the future. Love you always sister. 

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