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Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

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Acts of Kindness are from your soul and are an extension of your spirituality. You can expand the conciseness of your spirit by simply doing acts of kindness.

When you reach out your hands to another in an act of kindness the warm feeling starting in the pit of your stomach flowing throughout your body is the the exponential growth of your spirit.

The reverberation of the results of your acts of kindness are rarely seen, felt, heard or known by the initial actor (you).

It doesn't matter!

The vibrations of goodness put out into the Universe from your act of kindness will always return to you in a positive form.

There are times when you might misunderstand when the kindness is returned. For instance what if your repayment is a broken leg?

Yes, a broken leg.

Take a look at it this way. (Your act of kindness has already been done) You are on your way to work you're late and you run down the stairs, trip, fall, and break your leg.

Not such good a good return on your kindness is it?

What if however, at the exact moment you would have been going through a green light at the intersection someone ran their red-light?

In the wreck that followed, someone was badly injured or even killed. If you had made it down the stairs got in your car and took off it would have been you at the intersection.

As you can see, you may never know what wonderful things your act of kindness did for someone else.

You may also never know, what the repayment for your kindness is when it does comes back to repay you.

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"The world is full of self serving truths but your spirit serves you. Handle the knowledge of your spirit carefully it's the most powerful weapon you posses."

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  • Top Blogger

    Hi Carolyn,

    So my post came close to home didn't it. :) Yes, there are times that we think prayers are not answered or that our kindness was repaid with unkindness or trouble where bliss should have been but some times you have to look beyond to see those things that are NOT happening to you. thank you for your post :)

  • Good things to remember, Susan! When something unpleasant comes into my life, I try not to say, "Why me?" but instead say "What am I supposed to learn from this?" It helps put a better light on the situation. I've been delayed while driving, and gotten a bit grumpy, only to see something happen in front of me that would have hurt me if I hadn't been delayed. Boy, does that put things into perspective!

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