value imageA lot of people that I speak to disagree and some agree with this headline. Now there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that are making a lot of money but they are not delivering Value to the marketplace. They are just working very hard with a big goal and going after it. Although there is nothing wrong with that, there is way more potential in what you can earn when you deliver Value. In this blog post I will share with you the difference between Value and Average.

When someone talks about you delivering Value, automatically you think you have to become this teacher. Here you are, whether successful in your business or not, you are thinking you have to become this teacher. Someone that has to learn, learn, learn then teach in order to give Value. In fact most people will say, I'm not here to solve other people's problems in business, I'm trying to solve mine. Now that's OK for those to think that way but it doesn't deliver Value to the marketplace. Later in this article I will give you a few quotes that my mentor Jim Rohn says about this.

Let me you an example, most people that start as an entrepreneur start Part-Time. They have J.O.B. that they work Full-Time in most cases then build their enterprise Part-Time. And most people that jump into entrepreneurship feel they aren't making enough money in their J.O.B., so they start an enterprise.

Now most would say that they are not making enough money in their Full-Time job and some even feel that they can't either move up the Ladder or don't see more money coming to them anymore. Some might say, "There is no more room for growth, I'm going to be at this position forever and my pay isn't going to get any better. My cost of living is going up but my paycheck isn't". The problem that most people have in a J.O.B. is that there are too many people telling you that you CAN'T move up and there are people that are worried that you might take their position. But there are many J.O.B.'s out there that pay very well and the employee's grow within the company.

So how does an employee get a raise or move up within the company? Good Question. There is only 1 answer, that's VALUE. If an employee starts at $5.00 an hour to take out the trash and that's all they do, the company will continue to pay that person $5.00 per hour. Now if that same person whistles as he/she is taking out the trash, maybe they will make $6.00 per hour. It's all in your attitude. Now you find people that are making $25.00 per hour, $50 per hour, $100 per hour, $150,000 per year all the up to $80,000,000 per year. Why is that? There is only 1 answer, how much Value is that person giving to the company. A person that starts off taking out the trash then to working with customers then to management then to vice president is the person that gave the most Value to the company.

The same thing works for your network marketing business. Just because you signed up with $500 or FREE doesn't mean you complain why it isn't working for you or why it isn't moving as fast as you want it. If you find ways to deliver Value to the marketplace and work hard at it people will hand you the MONEY. As your Value increases the amount of income increases. Now this doesn't happen overnight, this takes time. But the amount of Value you give out will pay you 10+ times more than if you market your product and/or your service. This doesn't mean NOT to market your business BUT make sure you are delivering Value and you will have          pjim rohn quote 3eople asking you if they could join you. That is a much better position than the traditional way.

Jim Rohn said these words, "You don't get paid for time, You get paid for Value. If you were getting paid per hour you could just stay home and get paid hourly, except you get paid by the Value you bring". Here is another one, "Most people say that the company pays an employee this amount. That's not true, if there is someone in the company making more money than you then the company is paying You that much". You get paid on the Value you bring. The economy can't change that because there are plenty of people making more than minimum wage. Jim Rohn says, "The wind blows on us all, the wind of opportunity, the wind of change, what determines where you go is the Set Of The Sail". If you keep delivering Value, you will attract Great People and You will attract a great financial future.

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     You teach people to create value, they then come to us for the help they need to create it. One thing we learned is motivation is not enough. If a person won't leave their comfort zone they are not going to get far. It takes growth and change most of which are way beyond the comfort zone of many people we have worked with. 

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    Great post George :)

    I really love this post. The way you have written it is perfect.

    Thank you,


  • Great post George and definitely have to think of helping others first.  Shared for you.

  • Great article George. What is your value proposition? Have you found your nominalization for it?




  • This is truly and awesome article George, filled with so much truth.  Liked and Shared.  Google +

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    George you have delivered great value in this post. I have shared it everywhere for more people to see.

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