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Alzheimer's What to Expect

Alzheimer's What to Expect


 Alzheimer's what to expect when parenting your parent. It will be much harder than you might think. We love our parents of course therefore, it seems quite natural that you want to take care of them when they age right?

Although it might be natural it is not an easy task regardless of the love you feel for them. What most family care-givers do not realize is that the person you knew is not there anymore in the later stages.

When this happens your concept on caring for them changes. First it is just moments of disassociation with them so you over look it. It is also easy for you to over look as just the condition.

As the condition progresses it gets harder and harder to look at them as someone you even know anymore.

Unwittingly you begin to see them as just a person that is irritating you enormously. Many times you will feel they are just doing the things they do to irritate you.

They are not.

What's more is that the things they (do) may very well disgust you simply because it will be something that you never dreamed they would do.

Let me give you an example:

My mother was always a stickler for clean clothes. These days if she is allowed she will wear the same clothes day and night over and over.

I sincerely hope that I can help people that are dealing now or will be dealing with this in the future. I hope by sharing things I deal with everyday might give some insight on what to expect and let them know they are NOT alone.

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    Hi Merle,

    Yes this illness is horrible it steels and robs of your memories and yes it is hard work both mentally and physically. I hope that somehow through my page on my blog I might help others. 

  • Great post Susan and it is a terrible thing to happen this illness. It is hard work looking after someone with Alzheimer's and have to admire you for what you do. Thanks for sharing.
  • Top Blogger

    Thank you Angela for sharing. If you all know others going through this please pass it on to them. Maybe something I will say will help or if they just need someone that's going through it too...

  • Thanks for sharing this excellent information on  Alzheimer's Susan.  Very helpful!  Liked and shared.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Meredith,

    Yes apparently it runs in our family as well. It really scares me when I see what my future might hold. One day you are looking at your family member and then you're looking at someone that really you don't even know and they don't really know you.

    So far I'm lucky she does remember me but there have been things she has said or ask leading me to believe that it will not be much longer until she won't know her only child. I hope you and everyone will share this I dedicated a page to it on my blog. I pray that one day no one ever have to go through this.

  • Top Blogger

    Yes, it's a horrible disease. It has changed everyone's life connected to my mom. What is really hard is that there is not as much support as you would think out there for this disease.

    Also I can and does effect different people in different ways. Thank you for sharing it.

  • My husband's maternal grandparents both died from this disease. It's heartbreaking to think that we have to reframe "who" they are with this disease so as to stay mentally healthy. Alzheimer's doesn't just destroy the person who has it, but it tears away at families. My prayers to all of the families who are suffering in this manner.

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    Susan this is a post that must be shared so people can know and understand about Alzheimer's. I had an aunt who had it and she couldn't remember any of her family members. Since she is no longer here, I keep the memories of how she was before Alzheimer's took away her memory. Shared via Syndication Automation and posted on the Syndication Express blog.

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