Baby Boomers Starting A Business in Their 50’s

Baby Boomers Starting A Business in Their 50’s

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It has been said that starting a business in your 50’s will keep you healthy and keep the mind active, plus you have a 70% chance of succeeding !!

Times have been hard in the UK for baby boomers trying to find work, so many now are turning to online marketing.  Yes, we have had a lifetime of different experiences and probably many different jobs but there comes that day when some companies are paying people off to take on the younger generation.

But the older generation still have the pressures of paying the mortgage/rent, saving for their retirement to enjoy their Golden Years or perhaps still have children living at home.  It can be a very stressful time as I know from experience.

I read an article in the paper that said from the 11 million people between the ages of 50-64 there are around 3.2 million that are still inactive and have the stress of worrying where the next penny is coming from.

Of all the self employed people nearly half of them are in their 50’s.  It is fine being self employed but the time comes when you feel you need to step down a bit and take it easier, but that also means the money is not coming in as regular as you would like.  It has also been said that if you are over 50 you re-invent yourself as you mature.

You have a lot of life experiences and much more knowledge than the younger generation.  Did you ever try and advise your child or teenager that this or that is wrong?  I know my parents did and did we take any notice?  NO – It is only when they get older they realise that we were only trying to help them.

These days people are living well into their 90’s and even into their 100’s so if you are worrying about your future then why not start up your own business online.  That way you will be sure to enjoy your Golden Years with a residual income that is just going to keep going into your bank account month after month.

I don’t know about you but when I was younger I found it very hard to speak to people and I know that a lot of younger people are like that.  But as you mature you are more likely to build relationships with others which is half the battle of succeeding in your online business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Live Your Dream

When you were younger you probably changed jobs many times but in your later years you have to think twice about that in case you can’t find another job and no-one wants to be out of work for long.  We didn’t have computers in my early days so I had to make sure that when I left one job I had another one to go to.

Since retiring 9 years ago I often think ‘where would I be today if I could have done online marketing back then?’  But no good dwelling on the past, so I just got stuck into online businesses when I retired.

By the time you reach 50 and over you have acquired so much wealth and knowledge and skills that none of the younger generation have, so what is stopping you?

The fear of the unknown?

No self belief?


Don’t just think about it, go out and do it !!!

If you started an online business when you turned 50 I would love to know your experiences and what made you get started.  baby boomer cartoon

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  • Thank you Julie and I was also the same as you. Never had any southport for 10 years because I never knew anything but I am still here!!
  • I am defintely part of the baby boomer generation.  I started network marketing when I was in my 50's.  I struggled with my first business since I received no training or support - even though I asked for it repeatedly.  Still, I stuck it out for six years!  It is much easier with my current company.  The stats on my back office show that the largest percentage of those who visit my website are between 45-60. That says a lot, doesn't it?  I'll like & share your great blog Merle.

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