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Blog Backlinks - Copying And Pasting Comments Don’t Look Good


Also you won’t get good results when you do this. This is just a fact and if you have read my posts before then you know I believe in relationships.


When you take the time to read a person’s blog and leave a relevant comment, then you have opened the door for dialog from the author.


This is what you want!


On the other hand if you are just copying and pasting the same comment over and over again, just know that people will realize that you are not reading their blog post at all. This will be noticeable especially if you are on a social networking site where there are a lot of people. 


This is not for real and it will not bring you good results at all.


YOU have to read the blog post so that you can make a comment that’s relevant to the subject or share your thoughts about it.


The importance of doing this is for you to get to know the author and they can interact with you.


When writing you should always make it personal, what I mean by this is, you must direct your post to the person that is reading it. Let them feel that you are communicating with them. 


Don’t make it all business, your blog is to let people know more about you and learn more about them through interaction on your blog by commenting.


Your blog is branding YOU! 


When it’s done correctly of course, and keyword research you will get indexing and ranking in the search engines. YOU will get internet targeted traffic and this is what YOU want. 


I learned this skill and if you want to do the same, I am very happy to share what I know with you.


All you need to do is go to my website Syndication Express to sign up and create a profile to send me a message. I invite you to view the video Syndication Express - How to Get SE to Act as a Free Traffic Generator for the Most Website Visits to learn more about my site.   


Also I have a free e-book that I recommend you read and will give it to you for FREE. This information is POWERFUL it's what you need for success in network marketing.


 Peace, prosperity and happiness to you.


Terri Pattio

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    Thank you for Syndication Express Terri.  I like to read what someone has to say, and to have a geniune interaction.  People put a lot of work into creating content, it's just not a good practice, not to at least read it and leave a relevant.   The hard work you put into Syndication Express is evident by the quality of content and the results we get from being an active member.  Not to mention the tutorials on SEO. 


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    In our relationships we value honesty and integrity, we would not devalue our friendships with disrespectful 'second-hand' chatter. The internet is no different. There is a place for 'copy-and-paste' with regard to certain elements of internet and website management but it doesn't belong in the sphere of, nor should it replace, genuine original communication. 

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    SE is well worth our while.  You have worked hard, Terri, I see it online and I appreciate it, and I benefit.   Thank you.  SE has outperformed FB for my IM Training Channel for about two years now.

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    We have the company blog set to where no one can leave comments. This was done to save sometimes hours a day. With a correct system set in place (such as Syndication Express (SE)) comments on the blog itself are not necessary. With SE traffic to the blog is increased, we are branding, and we can interact with blog readers on this platform, as well as other social media.

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      Thank you Dennis Thorgesen for your comments about Syndication Express. Happy to know it's working for you. I have worked very hard to make sure SE is functional for all members. You're a valued member here. 

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