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Review "The Secret World of Self-Employment"
By Joseph T. Riach


I can't say enough about this Book, only by reading it for yourself will you truly understand what I mean.

The cost for the book is miniscule compared to the knowledge you'll obtain which is priceless and will last you a lifetime.

I've read things in this Book that I haven't seen anywhere else. Some, who call themselves "Gurus", would charge an arm and leg for this information. But I beleive that this just shows the generousity of Tom, to share with his readers this invaluable information, because he really wants us to succeed in business and in life.

Valuable Lessons

The lessons Start from the Introduction and do not end until long after you close the Book. The First Book is titled "Freedom". Tom guides us through the lessons contained in the Book using his professional accomplishments and personal stories which, I believe that following them can lead to both financial and personal freedom.

Because they cause you to look at situations from a different perspective.

The only one who can determine you success or failure in anything is you. Tom's professional and personal stories along with those of his friends, and business assosciates helped me to reflect on my own personal goals and what could or could not be holding me back from going to the next step.

Chapter 4 "Do You Know Who You Are"

This Chapter, guides you in finding the answer to that question. There are people who know who they are. However, I would venture to guess, that many more don't for those this Chapter will help you to find the answer that question.

There is an interview that ask a series of questions, for you to answer. I, myself, printed them out and wrote out my answers. And I enjoyed doing it plus I liked my answers.


Every chapter ends with a Power Point, Power Points are used throughout the Book. They give you a place for a quick day to day place to reference a solution to a problem you may encounter in any business dealing, or even personal situation.

At the end all the PowerPoints are listed in a row. Reading them every day has been a great tool for me, to stay on track and practice lessons I've learned

One of the most important lessons in the Book is to love what you do and have fun doing it.

I can't say enough about what the power of the lessons and Stories contained in the pages of "The Secret World Of Self Employment" has done for me in my own self employped journey.

Last but not least is the Book is a page turner it's enjoyable to read, it's hard to put it down.

This is my honest opinion based on what I've gotten from this investment. I know I will turn to this Book for ideas and guidance many times going forward. 

Thank you for reading,

Robin Robinson

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Follow your what you love...and you can't go wrong.


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    Thank you Robin, for your positive critique of my work. The fact that you have read my books and written about them is all the reason I need to keep writing. That people benefit from my experience is my objective and the real reward of what I do. That life rewards those doing the right things in life, personally and professionally, is after all all, what I write about. Your ringing endorsement is the proof of the pudding. Glad you liked the flavour! :-)  

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      I meant every word Tom.  There are just some things you do, hear, read or see that are life changing, reading this Book has been that for me.  Because the lessons and Power-Points are great for the entrepreneurial mind, they also are so relevant to your mind-set.  They made me look within and question myself as to where I could improve.  This statement from the Book, regarding the entrepreneurial mindset, sums it up nicely, "It is everything to do with the determnination and the characteristics of the individual".  

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    Thank you for your review. It sure blessed you with new a perspectives and insight. I can see it through your review. I'll have to check it out. Thank you for sharing. Nothing like a book that unpacks us and causes us to see who we are, why we do what we do and what's your destiny. Who do we do it for. 

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      Thank you Carolyn, for your thoughtful comment.  Buying this Book is one of the best investments I have made.  To me personally, the lessons are life changing.  But it's not just the insights on "Self-Employment", the lessons apply to everyday life.  I can't recommend it enough.  Also the way it's written, you feel you are right there with Tom.  Or you can relate the Stories to circumstances in your own business and life.  I also bought another of Tom's Books "The Simplest Sales Strategy", which he recommends as a compliment to "Secrets of The Self Employed" and I agree.  I think this Book should make Best Seller for sure, the value far exceeds the price. 

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      Hello Carolyn it's great to see you here. Tom is offering a special introductory price until May 31, 2021 and to add to the deal, you will get a fantastic three for one offer. Simply click on the link (his name) to see this offer. 

      Joseph T.Riach - Author Tom Riach Web Page - Tom Riach
      Joseph Tom Riach - Author of Mastering The Art Of Making Money, Self-Improvement Should Be Fun!, The Simplest Sales Strategy, Too Early For A Glass…
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    Fantastic testimony about Tom Riach book. I feel the same way you do and recommend his book highly. George Pierce Valerie R Lathern 

    Linda Michel White Carolyn Coleman Grady John Cory Jackson Anthuwin Cupido Grant Rayner 

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      Thank you Terri.  You always recommend Tom's Books as great source for learning and enjoyable reading.  I agree with you one hundred percent.  And if anyone should want a more indpeth Review, they should check yours, very well done. 

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      I'm sure Tom Riach will be happy to read your review about his book. Thank you for your feedback about my review. Here's to your success my friend. 

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      Spot on Terri, and Robin. I'm thrilled!

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