Caring Has No Borders!

Caring Has No Borders! 

Today, I’m allowing myself to feel.  Just let them wash over me like a wave.  I know they will recede, like a wave.  What astounds me is they, my feelings of connectedness and care and sympathy were brought on by the knowledge of the passing of the wife of an online friend who lives in Australia.  Real, wet tears flowed.

This person and I have not met in ‘real life’ or offline.  We could get into a whole different discussion of what ‘real life’ is, but for now I mean we had not been in each other’s physical presence. 

These online relationships we foster are real.  And when something happens to someone we care about, we feel it. 

When asked by another friend, who lives in Portugal, how I was doing I shared that I was sad.  Before our conversation ended, I was smiling at pictures of his child.  Another wave.  A refreshing one.  Chidren do that for us.  No matter who’s child. 

Two waves intermingled and I’m floating with the emotions.  In sympathy with one person, in gratitude that another’ s suffering has ended and in hopeful expectation in the joy a child’s smile brings.  My friends care, I care and I know you care too. 

To caring and reaching out.  May we continue to matter to each other.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.  Leo Buscaglia

Bessie Mathis


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  • Powerful message. We are far more than our physical bodies, and the fact that we can connect, befriend, and miss others which we have not met physically proves it.

  • Loved it Bessie and definitely touches the heart.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent and inspiring PR Bessie.  Caring is sharing and having no borders.  To be real with each other.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Powerful Bessie absolutely powerful and so true!  Will share for you...

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    Bessie this is such a touching post and I love it so much. I agree with you about online relationships, they are real. I have met many people online and when you make a connection, you just keep connecting until there is a bond. Shared your post.

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