Confront and Replace

I'm so thankful that I don't have depression. I used to struggle with it. But, it is not a burden for me anymore. I've been proactive and do things that help me improve the way I think about myself and my life. I have a level peace with everything behind me and everything before me in the future.

I learned from an early age that nobody was going to help me especially if I didn't take responsibility. It is my ship that I have to steer in the ocean of my emotions in the situation of my life. It was a lonely and long road to figure out how to master my ship. I barely remember what it was like anymore. I am blessed.

It is so different for me as I attempt to support my family through their rough spots. I've done my best to help them keep a baseline. When they say things that are over the top critical of themselves, I reject it out loud. I felt led to confront those non-truths right away. But, it doesn't always work, to my chagrin.

My biggest hurdle as a helper is to not take the whole responsibility of the results, only my portion. It's something I struggle with on an ongoing basis. But I'm starting to learn, by trial and error, how to replace those phrases that I reject with something truthful and positive. It's still up to the person to take the bait.

For me, it's hard to stand by and watch the people I love suffer from bouts of depression. I continue to wonder, how can I sell health to a person who doesn't grab for it?

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    and here you are to tell and help others Meredith. You are perfect the way you are, positive, real and focused on all the right things. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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