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Crossing The Border: What's The Real Problem?

Crossing The Border: What's The Real Problem?

crossing the border

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Children crossing the border and what to do with them is a problem; however is this the real problem?

This has been the focus of the National as well as Local News stations as of late. While I do understand the position of each side there is one side I have yet to hear anyone address.

The side I am talking about is the real problem====>Read More!

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  • The problem as I see it, is not the children themselves. The problem is our president. He should instead of playing pool and drinking beer, and laughing at Rick Perry, get to the border and investigate what is going on, so something can be done. This is his Katrina, as some are saying. -James

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    This is better than some of what I have heard. There are places they don't want these children. Actually there should be plenty of room for them as the U.S. birth numbers were down the years these children were born. 

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    Yes this is a serious problem which needs to be addressed. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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